France vs. Iceland: Betting Odds & Semifinal Predictions

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Place your bets, as this Sunday, July 3, will see the highly anticipated match between France and Iceland take place as part of the 2016 UEFA European Championship, more commonly known as the Euro 2016. Everyone has their own, individual France vs. Iceland prediction, and many believe in theirs so strongly that they’re willing to risk money to make a profit on it. But what are the France vs. Iceland betting odds in the first place? Is there a safe France vs. Iceland pick? For that matter, how close of a game will it even be? Read on and we will share some information about the game, including the France vs. Iceland odds and how the match itself is predicted to go.

France vs. Iceland Betting Odds

The game between Iceland and France takes place on Sunday, July 3, at the Stade de France, a stadium in the commune of Saint-Denis, just north of Paris. Host country France went 2-0-1 in the group phase to take first place in Group A with seven points, moving on to the “round of 16,” during which they bested the Republic of Ireland 2-1. As for Iceland, they were in Group F and tied for first alongside Hungary with five points from a 1-0-2 record, moving on to the quarterfinals with a 2-1 over England, much to many fans’ surprise and joy (the Welsh team was especially ecstatic).

Right now, there is a plethora of possible France vs. Iceland odds to bet on that cover multiple parts of a single game; betting isn’t just about guessing who wins and who loses anymore! But if the end result of the game is all you care about when making your France vs. Iceland pick, you should know that the suggested odds are very much in France’s favor. Right now, the host country of this year’s UEFA European Championship is expected to move on to the semifinal round against the winner of Saturday’s game between Germany and Italy with odds of 2/5, meaning their victory is so predicted that betting on them means a loss. Further, they are expected to take the lead going into halftime (10/11).

The odds are far less in Iceland’s favor. Not only do they face 9/1 odds of defeating France, but 15/2 odds they will be down heading into the second half. In addition, the odds that only one team will get on the board are 4/7, and given what people think about each team’s chances, it’s clear which squad they think will be getting shut out.


In regards to other France vs. Iceland betting odds, those placing bets believe have 7/2 for the possibility of a draw which, if you’re new to soccer/football better, only refers to regulation time, since a tie at the end of a tournament bracket game is impossible. The odds are also 8/11 for under 2.5 goals and 11/10 for over the same amount, meaning a majority of France vs. Iceland predictions are expecting this to be a goal-heavy game, though the above stat regarding both teams scoring means fans think it will be one-sided, which is obviously a factor for those planning to do a France vs. Iceland pick against the spread.

France vs. Iceland Prediction

France vs. Iceland odds aside, this could actually be a closer game than most of those putting money into it think. That’s because France has shown all tournament to weaken when under pressure while Iceland, following their big win over England, have to be riding high and full of confidence. Iceland also has the benefit of being a primarily defensive team, so stopping enough shots and denying France opportunities could make their opponents crack that much faster, opening up chances of their own. However, this is still a highly skilled and successful French team and while the quarterfinals may be a little late in the tournament for them to be finding their bearings, it’s not impossible, and they could even find themselves facing an Iceland team that’s a tad too overzealous following their recent success.



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