Four 4th of July Easy Recipes for a Cookout

Four 4th of July Easy Recipes to Cookout
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It is 4th of July today, which means today is the day for hanging out with your family and friends. It also means watching Fourth of July fireworks, going to the parade, and enjoying delicious food. For those who are searching for 4th of July easy recipes for a cookout and grilling food items then you have come to the right place.

It is July 4, 2016, which means you must have some plans to celebrate it with your family and loved ones. If you are planning to throw 4th of July party bash at your place then you surely need to learn 4th of July easy recipes to cookout and some classic appetizers. After all, this holiday is incomplete without delicious food. Having said that, there are a many easy recipes which you can follow. Given below are four 4th of July easy recipes for a cookout.

Four Easy Recipes

American Potato Salad

Who does not like mashed potatoes? It is one of the favorite dishes of all the people. This recipe is just the same old-fashioned potato salad recipe which will certainly bring back memories from your childhood of visiting parks or picnics with your family. You can follow the recipe and add extra ingredients of your liking to make it according to your tastes. What’s better than remembering those old days with this particular salad recipe on Independence Day?

Berry Lemonade

Since it is summer, gulping down lemonade is quite essential. How about you bring a twist to your current lemonade recipe and add berries to it, how does that sound? Quench your thirst this 4th of July by making berry lemonade for your entire family and friends. You can even add raspberries and blackberries to add more flavor to your drink.


BBQ Chicken

The 4th of July is incomplete without a barbecue. Have you ever heard anybody celebrating this holiday without munching on barbecue food? BBQ chicken is a great summer dish, and it is also a perfect dish to be cooked on the 4th of July. So, what are you waiting for? Dust off your grill and grill some veggies and chicken for scrumptious afternoon meal.

Grilled Corn

Another food dish which cannot be left behind, just because,you know it is the 4th of July. Grilled corn is a favorite dish of kids, and even grown-ups enjoy the taste of corn. You can even do something different and add some delicious sauce and toppings to make it taste even better!



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