Ever since Epic Games announced that Fortnite is going to come on iOS, frenzied fans of the game are more than desperate to play on the go. But sadly, Fortnite Battle Royale servers are currently going through an upgrade! Instead of sulking over the matter, check out these dank Fortnite memes that might ease your pain.

Android users have to wait it out a little longer to play Fortnite on their phones. But the wait is not going to be too long, maybe a couple of months.

No matter which device you’re playing the game on, you should put it on hold and check out these 30 funny Fortnite memes now! We’ve also included Drake Fortnight memes on our list, as well as girlfriend Fortnite memes, so be sure to check them out!

#1. Seriously?

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#2. Looting Is Hard

#3. Thank You Drake!

#4. That’s What Friends Are For

#5. Just Hide Somewhere Already

#6. We Know the Pain

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#7. Choose One

#8. Fortnite Players’ Girlfriends and Wives Be Like

#9. Nobody Likes to Play the Lone Wolf Here

#10. When You’re So Not in Her League

#11. Noooooo!

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#12. And He Saved Us All

#13. When Trump Wants In on the Action

#14. Good or Bad?

#15. Ugh, Whatever!

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 #16. All Fortnite Players on Their Phones Right Now


#17. Nothing’s Ever Normal Around Here

#18. Hubba Hubba…

#19. Smooth

#20. New Skins, New Team, Right?

#21. When Your Friends Won’t Play Fortnite With You


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#22. Would You Look at That!

#23. Being All Evil Knievel

#24. That’s Cold Man…

#25. It’s More Difficult Than it Looks Okay?

#26. Sometimes a Wall Is All You Want

#27. Walked Right Into It, Didn’t Cha?

#28. Crying Is for Losers!

#29. Drake Gets This

#30. Yasss!

If these memes couldn’t get you to crack up, then this Fortnite dank meme video ought to tickle your funny bone! Enjoy!