Are you tired of hearing about how they recently discovered flowing water on the planet Mars? You’re not the only one—Bette Midler posted a witty tweet about the scientific breakthrough, only she’s less than impressed with the trending news. Instead, the singer says she’d rather hear about something a little more…unusual.

“They found water on Mars? Big deal. Call me when they find gin,” tweeted Midler. Turns out she’s not the only one who feels that way—her post has already been retweeted over 950 times! Many of her followers also left funny comments of their own, like one user who posted a picture of a glass of water on top of a Mars chocolate bar.

NASA’s announcement about water on Mars actually led to a lot of clever (and hilarious) jokes, puns, and memes on social media, like ESPN host Katie Linendoll’s post, which read, “Water found … now if only they could find this guy. #MarsAnnouncement,” along with a picture of Alf, the beloved alien from the ‘80s sitcom.


Another Twitter user (@_danschenker) also made a good point: “As it turns out, the discovery of flowing water on Mars is just an elaborate promotion for a Matt Damon movie,” referring to Damon’s new movie The Martian, about an astronaut who gets stranded on Mars.

Some of the other popular themes included comparing water on Mars to the drought crisis in California, joking about corporations already fighting over bottling rights, and puns about nosy humans trying to take over. Check out the hashtag “#MarsAnnouncement” for tons of entertaining commentary.

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