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Johnny Depp’s wife, Amber Heard, pleaded guilty to not declaring her dogs, Pistol and Boo, when entering Australia. The year-long battle had been dubbed the “War on Terrier.” Instead of serving a 10-year jail sentence Amber Heard and Johnny Depp had to apologize to the Australian government and address the issue of disobeying the country’s biosecurity laws. According to E! News, Heard’s lawyer said the Magic Mike XXL actress was jetlagged and thought her assistants settled declaration matters, but the prosecutor, Peter Callaghan, said that was no excuse and that the law applies to everyone. According to Magistrate Callaghan, the video will get more deterrence value than a jail sentence.

But most people took to Twitter, commenting on how awful the actors’ apologies were and how stone-faced Depp was when he spoke. No one appeared to be buying it and people quickly began using a meme from The Simpsons—the one where Smithers has a gun to a man’s back, telling him to wave to the people and smile—to compare the video apology to. In other words, many thought the apology was force and insincere—most can agree, that wasn’t the initial intention.

But despite this ordeal there are some pretty interesting facts about Depp’s wife. Aside from all the Amber Heard movies like: The Rum Diary, Magic Mike XXL and Friday Night Lights, there’s more to her than what audiences get to see, which brings us to some interesting facts about her.


Did You Know?

-According to W magazine, Heard’s friends said it was her intensity and independent attitude that Depp was attracted to the most.

-Heard was close to her dad and he taught her how to shoot, fish, hunt, learn about animals, cars, and how to be resilient.

-She was born in Austin, Texas, on April 22, 1986.

-She gives false information to friends to find out who she can trust in her inner circle.

-She built a 1968 Mustang by hand, getting most of the parts on eBay—how many actresses can do that?!


-She owns a gun (a .357 Magnum) and is a good shot. Though she loves guns, she does believe there should be a reform after so many deaths have happened. (What’s that saying about taking the girl out of Texas?)

The Apology

Whether you liked her apology or not, it’s arguably kind of hard to hate on such a cool person. Check out the video of the apology below and let us know whether you think it’s sincere!

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