Floyd Mayweather, Jr. really isn’t the woman-hater that people often make him out to be. In fact, his latest move shows that he’s all for women. As a token of his admiration, the champion boxer gifted two ringside seats to Jennifer Welter, who recently made history as the first female coach in the NFL. The seats are up front and center for his upcoming fight on September 12 against rival Andre Berto.

According to Welter’s rep, her story of breaking into the NFL undoubtedly garnered national attention, and that’s when they got the call from Mayweather about coming to watch the fight ringside. Mayweather is reportedly a big fan of Welter and this was his way of showing her his support. Welter is said to be incredibly flattered and is planning to take Mayweather up on his offer.

In fact, she may be getting to do much more than watch from the sidelines. TMZ is reporting that Welter may have a bigger part in the fight, such as the possibility of escorting Mayweather to ring. However, nothing is confirmed and as of now, these are just speculations.


Jennifer Walter, 37, made national headlines when she was brought on by the Arizona Cardinals as a pre-season “assistant coaching intern,” marking the first time a woman has ever held a coaching position in the NFL. Welter, who has her Master’s in sport psychology and a PhD in psychology, worked primarily with the team’s outside linebackers. Her internship with the Cardinals has since ended and there’s no word yet on whether or not the team will bring her on board as a permanent member of the coaching staff, although she did receive rave reviews for her work with team.

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