Abi Clarke is the new woman in boxer Floyd Mayweather’s life. She was going through a tough time after her breakup with her ex-boyfriend, but Mayweather lifted her spirits. She, in turn, is cheering him on for his upcoming fight with challenger Conor McGregor.

Boxer Floyd Mayweather showed his quick reflexes once again and snapped up Abi Clarke before anybody else could ask her out. Before anybody could even blink, Abi Clarke became Floyd Mayweather’s girlfriend.

Floyd Mayweather and Abi Clarke met while Clarke was on a girls’ holiday in Las Vegas in 2016. She was trying to get over her split with ex-boyfriend, soccer player Rob Davies, and Mayweather simply swept her off her feet. Since then, Clarke and Mayweather enjoyed secret dates that went unnoticed by the media.

Mayweather, who never turns down a wild party, is said to be completely bowled over by Clarke and has been meeting her on the down low. Here are some details from Abi Clarke’s wiki.

Achieving Fame on TV

Born on July 6, 1991, to a priest, Abi Clarke’s age is 26. She was born in England and achieved fame as a cast member of the British semi-reality television program, The Only Way Is Essex.

She made her mark on viewers when she appeared in seasons 8 through 10 of the show. Clarke has also appeared on the show Bodyshockers on England’s Channel 4.

Mayweather’s Sensitive Side

Clarke and Mayweather are reported to be very close. She is planning to support him in Nevada next month when he takes on UFC star Conor McGregor in a heavily publicized fight.

An insider told The Sun, “Abi and Floyd really hit it off and she was blown away by his sense of humor and generosity. She was in a fragile and vulnerable place, and Floyd has made her feel confident again.”

It seems as though Clarke was a bit apprehensive in the beginning due to Mayweather’s reputation as a party animal. However, as she spent time with him, she discovered that he was actually a very nice guy.

She Reportedly Has A Temper

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The insider also said, “He made sure they were friends first, before trying to take it further. He’s really helped mend her broken heart and heal her scars.” It was only after this that Mayweather exchanged flirty texts with Clarke.

Mayweather is reported to be so smitten with Clarke, that he already went ahead and introduced her to his family. However, Mayweather better be careful how he treats Clarke because she allegedly has a bad temper.

Clarke herself has revealed that she once took extreme steps to take revenge on an ex who dumped her, she left him with bed sheets soaking wet with dog’s pee. Ugh! That unfortunate gentleman turned out to be none other than Rob Davies, with whom she shared her flat. So much for love!

Pics Galore

Mayweather is busy spending time with his girlfriend when he is not in the ring practicing for his upcoming fight with McGregor. Clarke got over her last relationship and seems to be very happy with Mayweather.

If you are searching the Internet for Abi Clarke’s pics, you should check out Abi Clarke’s Instagram account. It has plenty of pictures of her showing off her body in revealing dresses that leave little to the imagination.

McGregor better watch out because Mayweather and Clarke make one deadly combination who might knock him out cold!