Floyd Mayweather Net Worth 2017: The World’s Highest-Paid Athlete?

How Rich is Floyd Mayweather
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After last year’s win in the world’s highest-grossing boxing fight ever, boxer Floyd Mayweather, Jr. sits above any other sport contemporaries with an enormous estimated net worth of $400 million (although some sources peg it to be closer to $650 million).!

Also known as “Money” by his friends and social media followers (and also by the fact that he has a lot of it), Mayweather has earned his self-made fortune solely from his 19-year boxing career. Just last summer, Floyd rippled the sports industry and the media after winning the decade’s biggest boxing event on May 2, 2015 by defeating Manny Pacquiao and earning at least a whopping $150 million, if not more, just from that fight.

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According to Forbes, Floyd Mayweather still sits at the top as the highest paid athlete as of 2016. Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, the 38-year-old boxing legend is an undefeated champion (49-0 record) with his super skills in speed, power grip, and natural instincts in five different boxing weight classes, including Super Featherweight, Lightweight, Junior Welterweight, Welterweight, and Super Welterweight. As far as endorsements go, Mayweather isn’t too big on them, although he did enter an agreement with Burger King and Hublot before his big Pacquiao fight. Mayweather’s net worth also got a substantial boost from the sales of TMT merchandise, which earned the boxer an additional $15 million in 2015, according to Forbes.


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Being as rich as he is, “Money” Mayweather has no problem splurging on big purchases. He recently dropped a whopping $20 million on his Las Vegas mansion and another $30 million on his car collection.

Let’s start with the house. Mayweather’s home is a manor in Las Vegas called Big Boy Mansion, which is so huge that it even has its own Instagram account. The sprawling 22,000-square-foot mansion includes seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a shower that’s big enough for 12 people, full marble flooring throughout, Fendi-designed light fixtures, a dual-screen home theater, a fire pit, his gym, swimming pool, private Jacuzzi, and a 15-car garage for his prized possessions.

Mayweather’s mind-blowing car collection reportedly includes a Bentley Mulsanne, Rolls-Royce Drophead, Ferrari 599, Ferrari 458, Ferrari F430, Ferrari 599, Rolls-Royce Phantom, Mercedes-Benz S600 (Maybach-tuned), Mercedes SLS, Mercedes SLR, Lamborghini Aventador, Lamborghini Murcielago, three custom-made Bugatti Veyrons.

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In addition to his ridiculous mansion and museum, Mayweather has also invested in a pet tiger cub in December 2015.

With a $100 million-per-fight salary and a look into his social media posts, Floyd Mayweather’s lifestyle is almost too grand to be true. The larger-than-life athlete’s net worth of $400 million and rising will undoubtedly keep his name among the top of all rich lists for many years to come.



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