Is the boxing world due for a Floyd Mayweather comeback? While the star boxer retired a year ago, inquiring minds want to know if Mayweather has been dropping not-so-subtle hints to tell his fans something.

In a Showtime interview on Saturday, Mayweather stated he is happily retired but also said he had talked with CBS and Showtime about a possible comeback to the ring. (So many mixed signals—make up your mind!)

“Everyone is asking me, ‘Is Floyd Mayweather coming back?’” Mayweather said in Washington. “Right now, I’m happy being on this side, but I’ve been talking with CBS and Showtime, and you just never know. But right now, I’m just happy on this side.”


But if Mayweather’s happy being on the side, why is he in talks with anyone at all? It’s a valid and popular question followed by how much would it take to get him to come back? Apparently it would take nine figures—that’s how much—after all it’s always about the money.

“As of right now, some crazy numbers have been thrown my way— upwards, of course, of nine figures,” he told Showtime. “But I’m truly blessed beyond belief, and I really don’t know what we’re going to do. But right now, I’m really happy being on this side helping our fighters.”

A nine-figure salary just might be enough to bring Floyd “Money” Mayweather out of hiding, but nothing’s confirmed so far. Right now it’s mostly speculation and wishful thinking, but his nickname is “Money” for a reason: he’s made lots of it doing what he loves—knocking people out!

But Mayweather is too good at the game, and if it’s almost too easy for him to win, there’s no challenge. At that point, you can get bored and so can your fans if they know exactly how it’s going to end.

Take Ronda Rousey versus Holly Holm: everyone was banking on Rousey winning because she’s famous for it, but then in a split second, Holm delivered a powerful kick to the head and knocked her out, winning the fight. Sometimes the best part of fighting is losing because it helps you learn. Even Connor McGregor lost his recent fight, and he was humbled by it—surprisingly.


Floyd Mayweather’s retirement happened at the right time, seeing as how he avoided injury and got to keep all his original teeth. He managed to end his career on his own terms, facing every challenge possible and making a lot of money doing it.

“I was able to retire from the sport with all my faculties and not let the sport retire me,” he said.

As much as fans would like to see Mayweather perform a lethal punch combination, it doesn’t seem likely unless the right offer comes up. It sounds like Mayweather is content being at home in his “Big Boy Mansion” not driving all his luxury cars and flying his jet.

How do we get that retirement package?

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