Tramar Lacel Dillard—or as most of the world knows him, Flo Rida—celebrated his 36th birthday on September 17. As a thank you to his 282,000 followers on Instagram, the rapper from Carol City shared a few sneak peaks of what his celebration was like.

It seems as if Flo Rida kept this year’s birthday celebrations relatively low key, with just a small gathering at what looked like the studio or maybe even at home—it’s hard to tell where exactly the party took place, but the Styrofoam cups clearly show that it’s nowhere fancy. The “Low” hitmaker uploaded two videos and a photograph. The first video showed Flo Rida donned in a simple Mickey Mouse t-shirt looking at someone outside the video frame singing him a soulful rendition of happy birthday. Presumably, the singers were Ava Symone and/or Macy Kate, both of whom he thanked in the description accompanying the post.

The next video showed the rapper smiling and enjoying the music as a rap version of a birthday wish played. At one point in the video, Flo Rida looked at the camera and showed how much he was enjoying his special day. Captioning the post with “21 again!” was certainly justified, because despite turning 36, the artist does not look a day over 21.


Flo Rida then shared a photograph that showed him receiving a cake from one of the other artists on his record label, IMG Strongarm. The impressive three-tier cake featured a bedazzled “Flo” topper with his signature gun-shaped “F” and the matching gold and silver “RIDA” across the middle tier—the perfect nod to his strong affiliation for all things bling. Flo Rida added a caption to his post thanking his team and God for making his birthday so special.

Flo Rida, Instagram page, September 17, 2015.

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