Credits: Instagram/blacchyna

First was Kim Kardashian, then Amber Rose. Now, we can add Blac Chyna to the list of celebrities cashing in on the profitable mobile app market—and it looks like she’ll be making quite a lot! The future Angela Renée Kardashian has released an app that will give the phone all the Blac Chyna it needs, and not only that, but her fiance, Rob Kardashian, will be coming along for the ride! What can we expect from Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian’s new app, ChyMoji?

ChyMoji, much like Amber Rose’s MuvaMoji, is an app featuring hundreds of emojis—over 700, reportedly—featuring the likenesses of Blac Chyna and her husband-to-be, Rob Kardashian. The pair’s cartoon selves used in the app look similar to the celebs in similar apps, with the huge anime eyes that are prone to making the characters look like they have no soul and are trying to peer into yours. Some of the better emojis included in the app include a woman in what appears to be a dominatrix outfit, a Bible (your guess is as good as ours), and one of the couple pushing a stroller—no doubt a Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian emoji.

The app was announced late last week and quickly gained attention by being used to announce her pregnancy. A pregnant emoji of the model was shared on Rob Kardashian’s Instagram to announce the couple’s first child to the world. The emoji in question was of a woman sporting pink hair in a bun with her hands over a very pregnant belly.


ChyMoji has been released by the company GlamRoks at a cost of $1.99 and is available on both Apple and Android platforms. It’s rumored that the company has promised Blac Chyna millions for the deal. The app and its name have arrived shortly after the model announced her intended name change and desire to build her personal brand, meaning ChyMoji could be one of the last business items to bear the “Blac Chyna” name as opposed to her planned new one, “Angela Renée Kardashian.”

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