Find Out Who Your Husband Might Be Having an Affair With


Back in the day, men usually got the bad rap as being cheaters. We know today that both men and women are guilty of having affairs, and it turns out that younger women are even more likely to stray. A recent poll out of the U.K. found that young women between the ages of 25 and 34—prime sugar baby years—are the age group who are most likely to have an affair, and the most popular reason for having an affair was an underwhelming sex life.

The survey also showed that these younger women aren’t looking to replace their partner—they’re just looking for a little extra on the side. More than three-quarters (76.9%) of the cheating women said that they were still in love with their partner, with a whopping 95.1% admitting that they aren’t in love with the man they’re having an affair with.

These numbers help to explain why so many unsatisfied young women turn to a sugar daddy—he can offer whatever it is she’s lacking in her long-term relationship. Older men usually tend to be more settled in their life, so they have more time to focus on you, whether it’s in the bedroom or at the mall. A lot of younger women tend to marry men in the same age bracket—these younger men are often just starting out their careers and struggle to balance work and their personal life. Their priority is making money. With a sugar daddy, a young woman never has to worry about being left alone or ignored—a sugar daddy’s job is to look after his sugar baby’s every need. And many sugar daddies are perfectly fine with being the man on the side—many probably prefer it to be that way.

The results of this survey also found that younger women who are having an affair don’t usually want just a one-night stand—about 60% of the women said their affairs typically last between one and three months. Again, a sugar daddy is the perfect arrangement. He’s by no means a one-night-stand, but the relationship is casual enough that you can make a clean cut and part ways after a couple months together.



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