A Toronto woman has made a shocking revelation about the validity of dating web sites. Doriana Silva was hired by a popular dating web site that specializes in finding partners for people who are interested in having an extramarital affair, which happens to be how a lot of sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships start.

If you’ve ever joined a dating site to find a sugar daddy, you’ve probably found yourself questioning whether a profile was really as good as it looked. Silva’s story is proof that you can never take anything at face value.

While under their employment, Silva was required to create 1,000 “fake female profiles” for the dating site that were supposed to entice men to join the Brazilian branch of the web site. She asked for a break from writing the fake dating profiles to rest her aching wrists, but her request was denied and she was forced to keep writing them, resulting in such severe pain that she wasn’t able to work for the next two years. She’s now suing the dating company for a whopping $20.0 million in damages.


Silva’s case just confirms the fear that many people have about dating sites. From the 1,000 profiles she created, none of them relate to “any real human beings at all.”

This doesn’t mean that all dating profiles are phony. If you’re into online dating or are interested in giving it a try, here are a couple tips to weed out profiles that really are too good to be true:

• Look at their pictures. If there’s only one picture, there’s a better chance that it was just taken from somewhere else. It’s also sketchy if all of the pictures look like professional shots.

• Look for dating profiles that are written candidly and personably. If the dating profile is written like a professional resume, there’s a good chance it might actually be written by a professional.

• Look for little details. A fake profile will often blur over important details to avoid getting caught. It also doesn’t hurt to check the spelling of things like city names or employers if they’re included. If they’re spelled incorrectly, that’s a red flag.


What do you think: Have you ever lied about anything in your online dating profile?


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