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If you’ve been watching The Voice, then you already know that Felicia Temple is one of the contestants to look out for. With Felicia Temple, The Voice gets another level of talent added to it. So, if you want to learn more about the 28-year-old, then have a look at our Felicia Temple wiki!

Felicia Temple’s Early Life

Felicia Temple was born on January 28, 1989 and grew up in the town of Teaneck, New Jersey. According to her profile page for The Voice 2017, Temple comes from a musical family and her father has been touring with the Sugarhill Gang for as long as Temple can remember. She grew up reading sheet music and playing the piano, which earned her the nickname “Felicia Keys.” (We can clearly see why!)

She’s a Nurse

While pursuing a solo career in music, Temple earned her nursing degree and became a perioperative nurse at Holy Name Medical Center, in New Jersey. There’s no shortage of Instagram pics of her in scrubs or a white coat while on one of her shifts at the hospital!

She’s a Cancer Survivor

If there’s anyone on The Voice who’s more thankful to be alive right now, it’s Felicia Temple. Over a year ago, before her time on the show, Temple was diagnosed with carcinoid cancer and had the right side of her colon removed, in order to save her life. She is currently cancer free and used a series of Instagram pics to reflect on her journey to recovery.

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“As a cancer patient and a nurse, I couldn’t be prouder to work at Holy Name. It’s no coincidence that the hospital I work at is the first in the US to offer this new Gallium 68 scan for patients like me with neuroendocrine tumors. God is so good. If I lived or worked anywhere else this scan would not be available to me. Tomorrow is the day I’ve been waiting for for months. The scan that will finally let me know I’m 100% no doubt cancer free! Prayers up for me people!”

She Has a Boyfriend

She’s got talent, a kind heart, and intellect—so it’s no surprise that she’s seeing someone. Temple is currently dating Leonard “Lenny” A. Williams, a business professor in New Jersey. In late 2015, he had an issue with his heart called premature ventricular contraction, which at one point made his heart pump 40,000 extra beats per day. He was treated by Dr. Desai at Holy Name Medical Center, according to his Instagram account. A few of his posts are dedicated to Temple and her journey on The Voice, as well as the times they spent together.

Felicia Temples’ Battle Rounds

Before Temple made it to the Battle Rounds, she wowed the coaches (and turned all their chairs, except for Adam Levine) with her cover of “All I Could Do Was Cry.” One coach who was taken by Temple’s performance was Alicia Keys, who was so amazed she got up and performed an impromptu duet with Temple of Keys’ hit song, “Fallin’.” From that moment, it was clear to everyone that Temple was meant to be on Team Alicia.

But it wasn’t until the Quizz Swanigan and Felicia Temple Battle Rounds that allowed temple to be stolen by Team Blake, after Keys chose 13-year-old Swanigan’s performance over Temple’s. Good thing Temple was walking slowly, or else she would’ve missed Shelton’s “steal,” which saved her spot on the show. Could Blake have another winner on his hands?

Temple’s journey on The Voice can be found on YouTube and you can watch her in the Knockout Rounds on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8:00 p.m. EST on NBC.