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The wait is finally over Walking Dead fans! Fear the Walking Dead is back after what seemed like an eternity! Last night (Sunday, August 21) we finally got to see the continuation of season 2 episode 7, which left us with so many questions: Has Chris lost his mind? Is Madison harboring a deep secret? What happened in Daniel’s tormented past? And will Travis meet up with the rest of the family after fleeing in search for Chris? The anticipation is nerve-racking and so you may have been searching for terms like, “Fear the Walking Dead watch online,” “Fear the Walking Dead streaming,” or “Fear the Walking Dead live stream” in order to catch up on all the details! Well, you’re in luck, because we have all the details on what has happened, including details on what you may have missed last night! We’ll also let you in on where to watch next week’s Fear the Walking Dead season 2, episode 9 online!

Time for a Little Recap!

Okay, so it’s definitely been a while since we watched an episode of Fear the Walking dead – “Shiva” premiered on May 22, 2016 as a mid-season finale. You may have very well forgotten what occurred during the first half of season 2, so here is an easy recap to refresh your memory!

Season 2 episode 7 – “Shiva” – began with Daniel having flashbacks to his childhood. He’s in a jungle and a man is telling him to take the gun. Dead bodies are everywhere until the flashback is interrupted by a gunshot heard by him and Ofelia. The two wake up abruptly and Ofelia begins to peel off her face. Daniel is horrified but this isn’t real life either, as he also wakes up from that nightmare, too. The gunshot, as we find out, comes from Strands room, where he is with Thomas. Strand couldn’t go through with it and instead shoots Thomas in the head.


In the meantime, Chris is missing – he’s been acting incredibly strange and possibly attempted to kill Madison and Alicia. Strand and the rest of the family are ordered out of Thomas’ home by Celia, who also doesn’t allow Strand to bury Thomas.

Nick finds Celia’s son Luis and brings him back to her. Nick has learned that by covering himself in zombie blood he can walk among the infected without being seen! By bringing Luis back to Celia, Celia allows Nick and the family to stay at the compound but Strand is not welcomed.

Is Daniel possibly delusional? He tells Ofelia that his dead wife (her mother) is waiting for them and they must go see her. In the process, he slashes open a man who tried to stop them but more men come and hold Daniel down. Back at the Mexican man’s home, Travis notices movement beneath the door. When he barges in, he sees Chris holding the man’s son hostage. Travis tackles Chris and removes the gun only to hear his son say, “I’m no good.” Is this insight into Chris’ possible madness?

Nick ventures out to find Travis while Madison tries to convince Celia to allow Strand to stay. All the while Daniel is locked up where his dead wife visits him and they discuss Daniel’s past. While Strand is being escorted out, Daniel has managed to break free and light the cellar he was in on fire as he smiles while gazing at his wife. Alicia collects Ofelia, who is an emotional wreck believing her father is burning in the fire.

Madison, Alicia, Ofelia and Strand all get in the pick-up where Nick informs Madison that he could not find Travis – this is of course a lie but Travis doesn’t feel it is safe to bring Chris back to everyone else.


As they drive off, the home goes up in flames and Nick continues to walk among the infected.

What Happened Last Night?

Now, let’s talk about last night’s premiere! The episode focused on the journey of Nick wondering away from his family. He seems to be on some journey of self-exploration and he appears to feel more comfortable walking amongst the dead than he does the living. Throughout the episode we get flashbacks of Nick’s time in rehab and we finally get to know what happened to his father – spoiler alert he was killed in a head-on collision!

Through Nick’s journey across Mexico he encounters numerous misfortunes but he is eventually picked up by a trio of people who help him, as his leg has been injured from dog bites. These people bring him to a small community which appears to be thriving with doctors, children playing soccer, and even people shopping in a market.

As of now we’re unaware of what this community is all about – although it appears to be a Mexican version of Alexandria from The Walking Dead. Don’t miss next week’s episode as we are sure by now, you’re hooked!

Fear the Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 9 Watch Online

In order to catch up on and live stream Fear the Walking Dead online, you can always visit Not only will they have the episodes posted, but AMC usually provides additional information about the episode including interviews with the stars and other behind the scenes footage. So, if you really want to get into the show, would be our first pick for you to visit!

Furthermore, if you Google search, “Fear the Walking Dead s02e08” you will come across a few different resources, including SideReel, Watch-Episodes, and These sites allow you to watch Fear the Walking Dead season 2 episode 8 online, in case you missed last night’s exciting return!


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