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There’s an upcoming TV movie coming out later this year titled When Love Kills and it’s based on the Falicia Blakely story. It’s a true story of sex, drugs, and murder and it may bring back some bad memories for the victims’ families. If you want to know more, then get all the information you need with our Falicia Blakely wiki.

Who is Falicia Blakely?

Many may not have followed the Falicia Blakely story, but chances are the locals still do. In the summer of 2002, a 19 year-old woman (Blakely) with a two-year-old son, murdered three men within two days, in Atlanta, Georgia. At the time of the murders, Blakely was a nude dancer, for which she used a fake I.D. On August 15, 2002, Blakely and the co-accused, Ameshia Ervin, were responsible for the deaths of Claudell Christmas, 35, and Raymond Goodwin, 34. And on August 16, for the death of Lemetrius Twitty, 29. Both Blakely and Ervin were arrested in the restroom of a diner named Mrs. Winner’s and were driving the car of a man who died earlier. The pair confessed to all three murders but the state wanted the death penalty.

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Blakely’s lawyer, Ken Drigg’s said that his client had a terrible upbringing and tried not to minimize the severity of his client’s crime.

“She was brought up in Jacksonville, Florida, but barely knew her father, who was in and out of prison on heroin charges,” said Ken Driggs to BBC. “She was bounced from mother to grandmother and was often pretty much living on her own.”

“When she was 15 or 16 she followed her mother to Atlanta, but was soon moved into a place on her own and got involved in nude dancing,” he added.

DeKalb County’s Assistant District Attorney Tom Clegg, didn’t believe that Blakely was a naive girl and although he realized she had a rough childhood, he couldn’t excuse the nature of her crime.

Clegg said to BBC: “It boggles my mind that someone could kill two people, go to a nightclub and have a good time, pick up another poor guy and kill him without batting an eyelid. You don’t get more cold-blooded than that.”

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Where is Falicia Blakely Now?

With a TV movie coming out on Blakely’s life, many are wondering where she is now. Blakely, now 33, is spending life in prison without parole in DeKalb County jail, in Georgia. At the time of the trial, Clegg offered Ervin a life sentence but with the eligibility of parole in 14 years. Although Ervin is at the 14-year mark, Blakely, whose son is now 16, will remain in prison instead of receiving the death penalty.

The Plot of When Love Kills

Why Did I Get Married star and Empire regular, Tasha Smith, made her directorial debut with When Love Kills, also known as Hit a Lick.

According to the TV ONE synopsis, the TV film is “Based on a gripping true story, When Love Kills stars Lil Mama as Falicia Blakely, a young woman who gets caught up with the wrong man who leads her down a dangerous path of drugs, gun and more.

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At 16 and already a mother, Blakely is at odds with her mom (Basketball Wives‘ Tami Roman) and soon begins working at a strip club when she meets Dino (House of Payne’s Lance Gross), a man who she thinks is the man of her dreams. Dino, however, is much more than he seems and soon pulls Falicia into a dangerous life of crime that changes everything she knows about herself.”

When Love Kills premieres August 28 on TV ONE.