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About Hailie Jade Mathers
Age28 Years
BirthDecember 25, 1995
SiblingsWhitney Scott Mathers, Alaina Marie Mathers
ParentsMarshall Mathers (Eminem), Kimberly Anne Scott
AlumniMichigan State University, Chippewa Valley High School
BoyfriendEvan McClintock

Eminem’s middle daughter, Hailie Jade Scott Mathers, is best known through her father’s rap songs. And what a privilege it is to be the inspiration for so much of your famous dad’s work! But Marshall Mathers’ daughter is evolving into her own celebrity now—the Internet-famous kind. And she’s good at it! Once a mystery persona to most of Eminem’s fans, Hailie of the eponymous “Hailie’s Song” is building a presence on Instagram. Our Hailie Jade wiki will help you catch up with what Eminem’s daughter is doing now.

Hailie Jade Is Eminem’s Daughter with Kimberly Scott

Hailie Jade is Marshall Mathers and Kimberly Anne Scott’s Christmas baby, born on December 25, 1995. She is Eminem’s biological daughter, who he raised alongside his adopted daughters, the eldest, Alaina Marie Mathers (May 3, 1993), and the youngest, Whitney Scott Mathers (April 16, 2002).

As the story goes, pre-fame Slim Shady and Scott had an on-and-off relationship that began in 1989. They married in 1999, years after Hailie was born, before divorcing for the first time in 2001. They went on to reconcile and remarry in January 2006, before divorcing again in April of that same year.

The rapper and his ex-wife had a bitter custody battle over Hailie. After their second split, they agreed to joint custody of Hailie.

Eminem also has custody of Alaina, who is Scott’s troubled twin sister Dawn Scott’s biological daughter, as well as Whitney, Kimberly’s daughter from another relationship.

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Hailie Is the Inspiration behind Eminem’s Songs

It’s no secret that Eminem draws from his own life to create some hard-hitting rhymes. In fact, Kimberly demanded financial reparations from the rapper for the mental trauma she claimed to have suffered from being the negative subject of several of his songs, including the 2000 track “Kim.”

Hailie Jade Mathers’ influence on her dad’s music is clear to anyone who is a fan of Eminem’s extensive work. The famous scion has been mentioned in and/or was the topic of at least 22 of Eminem’s songs, including “My Darling,” “Beautiful,” “My Dad’s Gone Crazy,” “Infinite,” and, of course, “Hailie’s Song.” She also appeared in the music video for “Mockingbird.”

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Hailie Is an Instagram Influencer

After her birth and well before becoming famous, Hailie’s dad spent six months working 60 hours a week doing minimum-wage jobs to ensure she was properly cared for. Since establishing himself as a hitmaker, Eminem has been a doting dad to his daughter.

While Hailie used to be known as Eminem’s favorite muse, she’s now carving her own niche as a celebrity. After graduating from Chippewa Valley High School with honors, she went on to study psychology at Michigan State University.

During her time as a college student, Hailie joined Instagram in 2016 and soon took the influencer biz by storm. Now with over 1.8 million followers, the younger Mathers has been taking over Instagram with her incredible fashion, witty captions, fitness inspiration, and likeness to Eminem.

Hailie has a knack for being herself rather than a second-generation-famous scion or just another influencer. Even her 24th birthday photoshoot with her boyfriend, Evan McClintock, is so her, with its retro theme, Beatles-esque fashion, and vibrant diner setting.

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Her influencer career is definitely picking up, even though she avoids any mention of her famous dad. Recently, she collaborated with a famous fashion app so her followers could find some of the elements from her outfits as seen on her Instagram.

Hailie’s beloved pair of Shiba Inus also feature in some hilarious posts. And so does her longtime boyfriend McClintock. Reports claim that her fellow Michigan State alum has Eminem’s seal of approval.

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