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Social media users have been asking for years if Macaulay Culkin is gay.




The Internet is filled with many curious minds, and after his latest interview on Ellen, some are now wondering if Home Alone’s Macaulay Culkin is gay. He’s long outgrown his ‘90s child acting days (*sobs*). And like with many other celebs, people want to dig into his personal life, including Macaulay Culkin’s sexuality and dating life.

Is Macaulay Culkin Gay?

Unless Macaulay Culkin comes out and admits it himself, we’re going to say that he’s not gay. The rumors about the actor’s sexuality seem to crop up around his tightly guarded private life.

Interest in Macaulay Culkin’s sexual orientation peaked on April 24, 2018. Google Trends recorded an increase in search volume related to search-phrases like, “Macaulay Culkin gay,” “Macaulay Culkin married,” and “Macaulay Culkin dating.” It seems his appearance on Ellen on Monday caused some real interest in his sexual orientation!

Macaulay Culkin Gay Trend

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Macaulay Culkin Dating Trend

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Social media definitely grew more interested in Culkin’s current relationship status after he appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday. He was promoting his Bunny Ears lifestyle brand and podcast, while dishing about why he won’t watch Home Alone.

Culkin rarely opens about his private life, especially about his romances. However, he has given a little TMI on occasion.

He told Anna Faris on her podcast that he lost his virginity when he was 15. Although he wouldn’t reveal who the other party was, he did say, “It wasn’t gross or weird. We planned it.”

The 37-year-old is known not only for classic childhood movies but also for his high-profile friendship with Michael Jackson. Culkin is the godfather of Jackson’s daughter, Paris Jackson, and the two share a close bond.

When the late King of Pop was being investigated for sexual abuse allegations, Culkin testified in the Jackson trial. He has repeatedly refuted the allegations against Jackson and said that the iconic musician never touched him inappropriately.

It would also appear that the gay rumors about Culkin don’t crop up without reason.

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Back in 2014, pictures surfaced of Culkin kissing a man, raising questions about his sexuality. He was performing in Montana with his parody band, The Pizza Underground, when he kissed fellow musician, Sean Tillman.

Better known by his stage name, Har Mar Superstar, Tillman is a singer-songwriter who tends to strip down to his underwear while performing. He was touring and performing with The Pizza Underground in 2014.

Many brushed it off as an act the two singers put on for the stage. Nonetheless, the scandal died down as soon as it erupted.

Who Has Macaulay Culkin Dated?

Culkin is fairly private, but his romantic escapades are well-known among the public. The former child star’s romantic history boasts of some popular actresses.

The actor was 18 when he married Rachel Miner in 1998, who played Meg Masters in Supernatural. Their marriage didn’t last long though. After separating in 2000, they finalized their divorce in 2002.

Before his divorce from Miner was finalized, Culkin had already moved on with another former child star, Mila Kunis. He was based in New York while Kunis was in Los Angeles. But distance didn’t seem to come in the way of their eight-year-long relationship.

They broke up in 2011, just when wedding rumors began to swirl around them. Kunis is now married to Ashton Kutcher, and they’re parents to two kids.

Culkin and Kunis kept their relationship fairly private. However, That ‘70s Show actress did get candid about their relationship in 2016.

While describing Culkin’s celebrity attraction, she explained why they never married and said, “Since before [Macaulay and I] started dating, since I was like, 16, I told my dad, ‘Just so you know, I don’t believe in marriage.’ And my dad’s like, ‘What did I just create?’ And then at one point I was like, ‘I’ll get married when gay people are allowed to marry.’ I was like, ‘This is not for me!’”

It appears that Macaulay Culkin’s then-girlfriend was simply not ready to walk down the aisle at that time. But she nor Culkin ever spoke about the real reason behind their breakup. However, it was reportedly an amicable breakup.

Culkin briefly dated All My Children actress, Jordan Lane Pierce in 2013. As of 2017, he’s reportedly dating Disney alum, Brenda Song.

Culkin and Song costarred in the upcoming movie, Changeland. They have been spotted out and about on dates several times and have even been featured on each other’s Instagram accounts.

So, with all the women he’s openly dated, it does not seem that the actor is gay. Without confirmation from the actor himself, it’s safe to debunk any of these rumors at this time.