Lil Tay Posing With Money in Her Hands Credits: Instagram/liltay

Claim claims that Lil Tay was beaten up by kids in a park and was hospitalized.




Lil Tay got beat up? By kids? That’s what a website called is claiming! The report alleges that a bunch of kids beat up the nine-year-old at the playground and she was rushed to the hospital to get treated. Lil Tay’s always talking about smacking others and slamming people for being “broke bitches.” But did a bunch of kids give her a real taste of her medicine? Nope! It’s going to take a lot more than that to take down Lil Tay!

Did Lil Tay Get Beat Up? claims that Instagram sensation Lil Tay got her just desserts served to her by a bunch of kids her own age.

The report names a witness, Noah Parsons, who says he came across Lil Tay while she was playing in a park. Since he recognized the Internet-famous kid, he asked for her autograph.

The other kids at the playground, reportedly aged around seven to 12 years old, didn’t know Lil Tay was famous. So, Parsons decided to educate the children about Lil Tay by showing them Tay’s videos on Instagram.

According to the report, the kids then began beating Lil Tay! Parsons explained that the pint-sized assailants (around five of them) found Tay “annoying’ and decided to fight her. (Who would’ve thought!)

The kids and their parents allegedly fled the playground after Lil Tay was beaten up and Tay was allegedly rushed to the hospital where she was treated in the ER. She was alone at the park without a guardian. So, it’s not known who transported her to the hospital.

The report went on to describe the hospital staff’s reaction to Lil Tay.

“Well the little girl was annoying,” said Dr. Patrick Low, who was apparently the one who took a look at Lil Tay. “I don’t feel bad for her one bit haha, by the way i honestly thought it was the little Asian girl from Rush Hour Su Yung.”

Reportedly, Lil Tay’s hospital stay was short as she was responsive. Police are allegedly investigating the incident.

This news had a lot of people on social media pretty happy. We wonder why… Some even suggested that Tay had it coming.

But did Lil Tay get “savagely” beat up by a bunch of kids?

Absolutely not. Lil Tay was not beat up by kids, or anyone for that matter!

Partying It Up

The reports about Lil Tay getting her ass handed to her are completely false. And if you read this bogus report, you can clearly see why.

Firstly, can you imagine Lil Tay doing something as normal as play at a playground? The only reason she’d go to a playground is to flaunt wads of cash down the slide!

Besides, none of her recent online activity suggests that she is visibly injured, let alone had a trip to the ER!

Lil Tay’s Instagram Story showed her partying with Woah Vicky and Lil Pump during the weekend. And she doesn’t look like she was assaulted at all.

Also, what doctor would be making statements that his patient was “annoying” and laughing that he didn’t feel bad for her. C’mon!

The biggest evidence to not take this piece of news seriously is the website itself. is a satirical website that posts made-up news for entertainment purposes. Its disclaimer calls itself “the most infamous fauxtire & satire entertainment website in the world.”

Nonetheless, it’s understandable why social media might be appalled by this piece of news. Hearing that a nine-year-old was assaulted, no matter how infamous, can be shocking. And there are more than a few who’d love to take a swing at Lil Tay!

This, however, isn’t the biggest fight Lil Tay has gotten into.

She, along with Woah Vicky, recently brawled with Danielle Bregoli (aka Bhad Bhabie on the streets). Their altercation escalated when Tay posted an expletive-laden rant against Bregoli.

Foul-mouthed Instagram sensations don’t come any smaller than Lil Tay. But if a group of kids did come after her, we’d worry about the other kids!