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Claim claims Beenie Man, a reggae and dancehall artist from Jamaica, has passed away.



Origin published a report that claimed Jamaican artist Beenie Man was shot and killed earlier this week. The reggae musician’s fans were in disbelief and expressed their shock on social media. People want to know if Beenie Man is truly dead because no official confirmation was released. However, is here to explain why this is just another celebrity death hoax.

Is Beenie Man Dead?

A website called reported that Beenie Man passed away on April 18, 2018. According to the report, he was mortally wounded in a shooting and pronounced dead.

Beenie Man Death Hoax



The report claims unknown assailants opened fire on the reggae star when he was driving home. A lady who was allegedly with him said that “the assailants where not masked and could make them out.”

Beenie Man was rushed to the hospital where he was treated for his wounds. His condition was reportedly critical. However, the report claims that he succumbed to his injuries and passed away on Wednesday.

Born Anthony Moses Davis, the Jamaican reggae musician earned the moniker “King of Dancehall” with songs like “Girls Dem Sugar” and “Who am I.”

Before the news of his death, Beenie was making headlines for his beef with Jamaican deejay, Popcaan. The veteran artist dissed Popcaan and his mother, Miss Rhona, in a video that has since gone viral. However, Popcaan was quick to clap back and also earned the support of Drake.

Was #beenieman dissing #popcaan or no ? 🤔🤔


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While social media was watching the feud between the King of Dancehall and the “Unruly” deejay, news broke that Beenie was attacked and he passed away. His fans were in shock and were firing questions in cyberspace to know the truth.

But is here to tell Beenie Man’s fans there’s nothing to worry about.


Beenie Man: Dead or Alive?

The frenzy about Beenie Man’s alleged death reached the man himself. The reggae artist and his girlfriend, Krystal Tomlinson, personally cleared the air about this death hoax.

Beenie posted a video on all his social media accounts with the caption, “People… mi nuh dead.”

With a touch of humor, he calls himself “Casper the Friendly Ghost” in the video.

Beenie Man said he heard about the rumors claiming he’s dead and went on to say, “Alright am still here today is the 18th right 2018, I am still here alive and well. I have no gunshot wounds, nothing at all happened to me because you done know me no business what people want to see or what people want to say. To my fans and well-wishers, I am doing alright and I am very fine, zaga blessings.”

Meanwhile, Tomlinson said that Beenie was not attacked nor is he fighting for his life. But she’s not surprised by the rumor, especially when he’s making headlines for his beef with Popcaan.

“These kinds of rumours aren’t new,” said Tomlinson. “Whenever Moses Davis is caught in any kind of conversation, there are websites that will start something just for clicks and likes. It’s easy for people to guarantee themselves clicks when his name is the topic of discussion.”

Tomlinson is not far from the truth. A fake website posing as CNN also reported that Beenie was critically injured after he was shot at least twice. Both false reports mentioned the spat with Popcaan, implying the attack was somehow connected.

However, not only were the attack and death rumors false, even the online spat between the two artists was exaggerated.

Beenie Man was quick to clarify that he didn’t mean to offend Popcaan or Miss Rhona. He explained his comments were taken out of context because the clip was cut.

In his post where he clarified he’s very much among the living, Beenie Man looked visibly annoyed by the rumors. His rep even stated that Beenie’s camp is planning legal action against the website.

Meanwhile, Beenie Man’s death hoax has caused fans to use Twitter as an outlet for their mixed emotions. Many are furious about the false report while some have taken the hilarious route and poked fun at the Beenie Man-Popcaan feud.

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