Twitter is abuzz with the rumor that Rapper Tekashi69 might be gay. (Photo: Bob Levey/Getty Images)


Tekashi 6ix9ine is gay.




Twitter is abuzz with the rumor that rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine might be gay. Another source for this rumor could be coming from a woman of Instagram fame named Woah Vicky. So, is 6ix9ine gay? We at believe this rumor is false, and we are here to tell you why!

Tekashi 6ix9ine’s court date has been postponed after he allegedly failed to produce an official copy of his GED results. His Instagram account has also been wiped out and contains only a single post supposedly from his management team, advising that the rapper won’t be back until further notice.

Now the Internet is going crazy over Woah Vicky calling him gay! Not a good week for 6ix9ine!

Woah Vicky vs. 6ix9ine

Apparently, Woah Vicky lashed out in a video as she was upset about being compared to Bhad Bhabie.

In the video, she calls 6ix9ine a “rainbow head Skittle azz bi**h” for comparing her to Danielle Bregoli.

Woah Vicky and 6ix9ine seem to have some sort of cold war going on between them. And it looks like the latter is not going to respond to any of this until his legal issues settle down.

But in the video, the teenager says that the rapper is “not protected in these streets” and yells out he is a “gay a*s bi**h.”

This could be one of the reasons the rumor of Tekashi 6ix9ine (whose real name is Daniel Hernandez) being gay has been floating around.

It appears that their war between them has been going on for some time now because Woah Vicky posted a picture of herself standing next to a semi-naked 6ix9ine with the caption, “Look! He tattooed his IQ all over his body.”

Even if this was meant to be a joke, it seems that Woah Vicky is not impressed with him, to say the least.

Watch what Woah Vicky had to say about 6ix9ine below:

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Mayhem on Social Media

While there are mixed comments on Twitter about 6ix9ine’s sexuality, most people are convinced that the rapper is homosexual.

Could it all be because of the rapper’s unicorn-inspired looks? His colorful appearance with rainbow hair and those $150K diamond rainbow teeth have not made it easy for fans to believe otherwise!

Nonetheless, there is actually no proof that 6ix9ine is homosexual or had same-sex relations with anyone.

In fact, in a candid video with DJ Akademiks, the rapper clearly mentioned that he was not gay or that he did not make a gay sex tape.

He also has a baby girl with his baby mama (not revealed), but there are a few videos on the Internet of his growing family!

Tekashi 6ix9ine faces charges of using a child in a sexual act he was a part of with a 13-year-old girl back in 2015. The court has not reached a decision yet because the hearing has been postponed, so he is still innocent until proven guilty.

Meanwhile, in other 6ix9ine news, Celina (who calls herself Offset’s baby mama) leaked a video of her sleeping with 6ix9ine.

As of now, we can safely say that the rumor about 6ix9ine being gay is not true. There have been no confirmations made by the rapper or his management team about it either, probably because they feel that it’s trivial compared to 6ix9ine’s current legal matter.

Furthermore, no one has denied the rumor either, but eventually, the truth will come out. Since it hasn’t, we can safely assume that the “Kooda” singer is very much straight.

But you never know, Tekashi 6ix9ine might pull a Kevin Spacey on all of us!