EXPOSED: Barack Obama’s Personal Vacations Cost Taxpayers $3 Million?

Obama Family Vacations Cost Taxpayers Millions

To say being President of the United States carries a big responsibility would be the understatement of the century. And with that much responsibility comes an equal amount of expectations and respect for the people you’re serving. Unfortunately, President Barack Obama has apparently forgotten this fact, if what he’s reportedly been doing with taxpayer money is any indication.

A conservative group called Judicial Watch, which believes and attempts to help enforce accountability within the authorities, including police and government, has released records from the U.S. Department of the Air Force that it obtained. These documents show travel expenses used by President Obama and his family on personal vacations in 2015. Trip locations included Palm Springs for golfing in June, New York City in July, and Martha’s Vineyard, a Massachusetts island south of Cape Cod, in August.

The expenses are nothing short of alarming; the Obama family spent in $3,115,688.70 in 2015. Now, some people may brush this amount off; the rich and famous spend exorbitant amounts of cash on all sorts of personal things. However, this is the President we’re talking about, and that over $3.0 million is taxpayer money, as in likely your money. And that is in no way acceptable.

According to the records, the Palm Springs trip, which saw Obama playing golf with predecessor Bill Clinton, cost $2,187,172.20, with the airplane costing $206,337 per hour for an over10-and-a-half-hour trip. New York, which was a sightseeing trip with his daughters, saw the flight costing the same per hour, only this time only for an hour and a half; the trip’s grand total was $309,505.50. Finally, Martha’s Vineyard, again with the same travel fare, was a three-hour flight, totalling $619,011.


The cost of using Air Force One was previously known, but these actual numbers are brand new. However, do note that this information has yet to be covered by the major news sites—even Fox News, who should love this—and thus far has only received major attention on sites aimed solely at conservatives and discrediting Obama, so you may wish to take the records’ credibility with a grain of salt.


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