Since the Chicago Cubs won the World Series this year, everyone has been asking about the man behind the now famous yearbook prediction, Michael Lee. He may not be psychic in the literal sense but he was spot on with his prediction 23 years ago. He never could’ve imagined that Chicago would have a massive city-wide celebration, the Chicago River being painted blue, and his yearbook quote going viral on Twitter.

So, where is Lee now? Well, luckily for you, we were able to catch up with him and find out how his life has changed, now that his dream and prediction of the Cubs winning the 2016 World Series has come true.

Were You Always a Cubs Fan?

“Yes, that’s how I first got introduced to baseball—I grew up watching the Cubs, emulating the Cubs, watching Harry Carey, love it all.”


Why Did You Pick That Year, Specifically?

“So that came to me in a dream, so it’s pretty much random. I was in grade school [third grade]. When it came time to, you know, fill out our quote for the high school yearbook, at first I wasn’t going to put anything but then I thought ‘you know what, I think I’m going to have a little fun with this.’” Then I remembered that [the dream], never imagining that it would come true.”

Have You Received Any Perks from Your Prediction? Have the Cubs Reached Out to You?

“No, the Cubs have not reached out to me. I did a small promotion with Lids, the hat store, and they gave me a few things and that was really nice of them.”

Any New Predictions?

“No, no, I don’t claim to be able to predict anything—I was just a 17-year-old kid goofing around!”

How Has Your Family and Friends Responded?

“So, I come from a few generations of Cubs fans: my dad, my late grandfather, my brothers and they love it. They’re excited about the World Series win, they’re excited about the little bit of notoriety that I got—it’s just been kind of a fun time.”

Side note: On Wednesday, Lee did an interview with the yearbook staff of his high school and it came as no surprise that they were “beside themselves.” Lee talked about the high school and what has changed since he went there. But he said he didn’t feel like a typical celebrity.


Michael Lee Chicago Cubs 2016 World Series Win

Do You Feel Like a Celebrity?

“No, I’m not a good celebrity. I really don’t think I deserve any of this attention at all! It was really meant to be something that I shared between friends, family, and to get a good chuckle out of. I never dreamed or imagined that it would get like this!”

What About Your Kids?

“They love it. They like seeing me on TV, I took my son to the Lids store and he got a hat out of it and they love the fact that their dad is quote unquote ‘famous.’ They’re enjoying this, that’s for sure!”

Lee has two kids, one is a teenager and the other is in grade school and he currently lives in Chicago with his family.


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