After Simon Cowell confirmed that he was having a baby at the age of 54 with his mistress-turned-sugar baby, Lauren Silverman, his ex-girlfriend, Sinitta, revealed some shocking news of her own—she was once pregnant with his baby, but had an abortion, because she knew that he had no interest in having kids.

Sinitta was reportedly devastated when she found out that he was having a baby with Lauren Silverman, because she always thought that if he ever did settle down with a wife and kids, it would be with her.

Nonetheless, she’s managed to put it behind her, because she and Simon Cowell are back to being the best of friends. And Cowell clearly plans on keeping her around, because Sinitta just confirmed via Twitter that the celebrity couple has asked her to be their new baby’s godmother!


Surprised? So were we, but when you really think about, Simon Cowell does have a habit of keeping his ex-girlfriends close. And Lauren Silverman doesn’t seem to mind—the celebrity couple has been spotted with Sinitta on several occasions. As the saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer, right?

In any case, Sinitta seems to be happy for the celebrity couple. After their son was born in February 2014, she commented on how becoming a father has changed the man she once loved. “He seems like the Simon I used to know before the super-famous and super-rich Simon he is now. He was a big softy and a very affectionate, sweet, family-oriented man,” Sinitta told OK!, adding that his newborn son has brought out his softer side again.

What do you think: Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman asking his ex to be their child’s godmother—makes perfect sense, or completely crazy?


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