It looks like we’ll be seeing a lot of Channing Tatum in the next couple of years! The Magic Mike star has already started this year off with the Coen Brothers’ Hail, Caesar!, which released earlier this month, but he already looks to have a packed filming schedule beyond 2016. Here are just three of the films you can look forward to seeing Channing Tatum in over the coming year.

23 Jump Street

The latest in what will now be a trilogy based on the TV series from the late ’80s and early ’90s, 21 Jump Street, Tatum will return to his role as Officer Greg Jenko alongside Jonah Hill as partner Morton Schmidt. The film was confirmed in 2014, with a first draft of the script already finished, though Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, the directors of the first two, will only be writing and producing this time around. Tatum himself was originally hesitant about returning, claiming that wasn’t sure if “that joke works three times,” but he appears to be on board now. No release date appears to have been set yet.


Based on arguably the second-most popular member of the X-Men after Wolverine, the film is planned as a spin-off of this May’s X-Men: Apocalypse. Producer Lauren Shuler Donner first expressed interest in Tatum playing the role in a 2014 Empire Magazine interview, with Tatum similarly expressing interest and calling Gambit, real name Remy LeBeau, his favorite. In October 2014, Channing Tatum was officially confirmed to be playing the character in a solo film, with the star also co-producing. Filming begins in March and the current scheduled release date is October 7, 2016, but that is, of course subject, to change.


Untitled Musical Comedy

Not much is known about this upcoming film—it hasn’t even been named yet, after all—but what is known is that it will star Channing Tatum and Joseph Gordon-Levitt. The latter co-created the idea for the film with Michael Bacall, who Tatum should be familiar with; Bacall wrote the screenplays for 21 Jump Street and its first sequel, 22 Jump Street. There’s apparently a lot of faith being put in the movie, as Universal had to win a bidding war to acquire it. With regards to the plot, all we know for now is that it’ll likely have something to do with two pilots who end up on “a misadventure,” according to Universal.

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