Something “Fierce” this way comes! Now everyone please proceed in an orderly fashion, because Beyonce could be dropping a new album sooner than you think. The “Formation” singer is known for her surprises, and this one is the best one yet. Beyonce has been on a mission lately with a not-so-subtle-message, and fans can’t wait to hear her newest tracks. And many are hoping that they’ll be treated to Beyonce’s new album in 2016!

While Queen Bey herself has seemingly taken a vow of silence, others in her camp have been kind enough to leave clues for us to follow and come to our own crazy conclusions. After all, who doesn’t like a good mystery?

First Clue: Different Sets

Before Beyonce gave everyone a heart attack after the release of her “Formation” video, the Bey Hive spotted her in various locations that could be potential sets for her Formation tour, which launches on April 27 in Miami. (There’s no hiding from the Bey Hive—they have eyes everywhere!) According to a BuzzFeed article, Beyonce’s been shooting scenes for new music videos since late December. On December 22, she was spotted with hubby Jay Z, filming at the Supedome in New Orleans. Then on January 23, 2016, Twitter fan accounts shared pics of her shooting on L.A.’s Skid Row. And lastly, on January 25, the singer was spotted again in L.A., performing a stunt that required her to jump off an unknown building!


Second Clue: Fan Picture

According to an alleged press release on, a photo of the complete track list for the upcoming “Formation” album has been leaked, and fans have wasted no time retweeting and circulating the photo. The press release contains the artist’s full name, the list of songs with amazing collaborations and is printed on official company stationary! We also seem to be in the age where everything seems to get leaked, but in this case we are very grateful. Even if this is just a clever PR stunt, the Bey Hive is pleased.

Third Clue: Collaborations 

Apparently Beyonce isn’t completely solo on this album—not that she needs the help; it’s probably just for the company. According to Billboard, the singer is rumored to be collaborating with several different artists, such as Future and Sia. But the track list from the second clue reveals the full list of featured artists, almost in high definition. Artists include: Kanye West, Adele, Mariah Carey, Frank Ocean, and Jay Z. But, with the queen of surprises, you just never know what tricks she might pull. However, so far we like what we see.

Fourth Clue: Release Date

This is probably the most important piece of the puzzle, but there have been speculations on that the release date could be April 4, 2016. Why? That’s Bey and Jay Z’s wedding anniversary, and Bey is born on September 4 while Jay Z is born on December 4. But wait, the leaked release says Tidal users get first dibs on April 1, and then a wide release on April 8. Hope that’s not a cruel April Fools’ joke, because the Hive would bring chaos! So, for now the world will have to wait until Queen Bey makes her debut.

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