Women everywhere strive to attain the body of a supermodel, and many feel insecurities when they don’t have it. But the truth is that models are people too and looking like a perfect 10 doesn’t guarantee being completely comfortable in your looks, clothes, and overall style. Model Christine “Chrissy” Teigen (who’s married to singer John Legend) recently shared some of her own minor insecurities, and even managed to help fans with some larger ones!

In a series of tweets, Teigen discussed how she doesn’t like how she looks in certain attire. One tweet read, “I have some kind of disease where I look ridiculous in shit most other people look cool in,” while another read, “Put me in a cool shoe other than a heel and I look like I’m about to introduce a 1920s ‘hello my baby’ act,” before she concluded with, “Don’t get me started on structured shoulders and necklines man.”


They’re pretty minor grievances, we admit; as a model, she has access to clothes, fashion designers, and more that she can use to find something that suits her style. But her fans seemed to empathize, with the first post receiving over 2,600 retweets and more than 4,300 likes, along with the other two tweets getting liked around 1,300 times each.


Teigen, who’s currently expecting her first child with John Legend, even took the time to reply to a couple fans who commented. One added, that “i make expensive jewellery look like cheap crap on me [sic],” to which the model agreed, complete with a crying emoji. The other was a little more serious, with the poster saying that they “grew up in a time/place that meant i was ugly b/c i was eurasian. . . (and cant openly be open about the rest of me). But be you. I’ll try harder too. [sic]” Teigen responded right away, saying, “I think you are examining this too far – it is a joke about personal style, no one having self-hate here. Relax.”

Image Source: Instagram/chrissyteigen

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