Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang gives a thumbs up during the Democratic presidential primary debate at Loyola Marymount University on December 19, 2019 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

About Evelyn Yang
Known AsEvelyn Lu
Age42 Years
BirthOctober 31, 1981
SpouseAndrew Yang January 2011 - Present
ParentsTony Lu
AddressNew York, New York
CountryUnited States
AlumniColumbia University
HometownNew York, New York

Andrew Yang is earning a lot of praise for his policies as he campaigns in the crowded 2020 presidential race. Touted as an underdog among the Democratic candidates, he has managed to capture attention with his views on the impeachment in the recent Democratic presidential debate. Through a campaign that he’s been running since 2017, he has had the silent support of his wife, Evelyn Yang. She keeps a low profile but maintains a strong presence by her husband’s side. With all the attention on Andrew Yang, it’s time to turn the spotlight onto this remarkable woman in Evelyn Yang’s wiki.

Evelyn Yang Has a Chinese Heritage

Born Evelyn Lu on October 31, 1981, she is a native of New York. Andrew Yang is New York born and bred with Taiwanese parents.

Throwback to last week on the bus! Excited for the debate tonight!

Posted by Evelyn Yang on Thursday, December 19, 2019

Evelyn’s father, Tony Lu, has a blog he runs in English and a Chinese language, indicating she also has Chinese heritage. Evelyn, who is six years Yang’s junior, briefly studied abroad in Shanghai.

Yang has proudly shown his Asian-American heritage in the presidential race and is one of only four persons of color in the presidential race since Sen. Kamala Harris dropped out on December 3.

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Evelyn and Andrew Met at Columbia

Evelyn went on to study at Columbia University, where she would meet her future husband. Andrew had acquired his Juris Doctor degree from Columbia Law School in 1999, but he was not a student there when they first met.

Andrew was working at the test-prep company Manhattan Prep and in his thirties when he met Evelyn on the Columbia campus. In one of her rare interviews, Evelyn joked that Andrew had “no game” but she liked that about him, and they eventually dated.

Manhattan Prep was eventually acquired by Kaplan, Inc., and Yang would resign as CEO to start his nonprofit fellowship program, Venture for America, in 2011. He and Evelyn tied the knot that same year, in January.

Evelyn would play a significant role in helping Andrew set up Venture for America, including getting Eileen Lee, one of the co-founders, on board.

“I met the founder, Andrew Yang, through his wife, Evelyn, in late 2010,” recalled Eileen Lee. “At Columbia, Evelyn and I met while studying abroad in Shanghai, and she had the intuition that Andrew and I would work well together. She and I had both left corporate jobs after 5+ years, and I was in the midst of pivoting my career when I met with him. I was looking to focus on building something that would help people. After hearing about the idea over dinner, Andrew offered me a job. I called him the next day and said I was in.”

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Evelyn Left Her Job to Focus on Her Kids

When they married, Evelyn was working as a marketing executive at L’Oreal. But she’d leave that job in 2012 to become a stay-at-home mom.

Andrew and Evelyn are parents to two boys, Christopher (born in 2012) and a younger son (born in 2015). Andrew has been very open about Christopher being autistic and why helping special needs kids is one of the causes he takes up in his campaign.

Family ❤️

Posted by Evelyn Yang on Friday, November 29, 2019

In an interview, Evelyn recalled that she wanted to focus on motherhood and hence left her job. She had her inhibitions when Andrew first decided to run for the presidency and was cautious about having her kids in the public eye. But she has since become a quiet support for Andrew while also trying to combat the stigma surrounding special needs kids like her son.

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