Eva Longoria (Photo by Iconic / All / Stringer / Getty / Images)

One of the best parts of Valentine’s Day? For some, it might be the mutual love and affection between you and that special someone, but for many others, it’s the free chocolate (or discounted chocolate, starting the 15th)! Eva Longoria apparently shares those sentiments, having bought chocolate for all her co-stars. However, she may have had an ulterior motive!

Longoria currently stars in Telenovela, a sitcom airing on NBC that premiered in December of last year. The series features the famous actress, director and more as the star of a Spanish soap opera (called a “telenovela,” hence the show’s name) who, despite being everyone’s focus, actually doesn’t speak Spanish.

To show her love for her Telenovela co-stars, Eva Longoria bought them all a box of GODIVA brand chocolate—and as far as chocolates go, that’s the top of the line! “Treating my cast to a Public Display of @GODIVA this #VDay! Who doesn’t love truffles?” she wrote on Twitter, along with the hashtags “LoveGODIVA” and “GODIVAPartner,” and a picture of the cast on a spiral staircase holding their boxes of chocolate.

While certainly a sincere gesture, the fact that Eva Longoria chose GODIVA chocolate is anything but a coincidence. That’s because Longoria’s gift of chocolate is actually part of the chocolate company’s “Public Displays of GODIVA” campaign. Announced on February 4, the campaign will see Longoria giving the chocolate to people she cares about in the form of “Public Displays” (hence the capitalization in the tweet) as a way to celebrate all forms of love on Valentine’s Day, not just the romantic variety.

While it’s not yet clear who else Eva Longoria plans to give chocolate to as part of the campaign—obvious candidates include her family and her fiancé, businessman Jose Antonio Baston—one thing is clear: none of the recipients will be complaining. After all, GODIVA Valentine’s chocolate can cost up to $125 a box, and these people are getting it for free from a major star!