With the coming of summer weather this week, so came a slew of news stories ranging in topics from politics, to race, to death, to drama. We’ve rounded up the top stories we’ve covered this week so check them out below!

Who’s Jwan Yousef? Here’s the Scoop on Ricky Martin’s New Boyfriend!

Despite once being considered a ladies’ man, Ricky Martin didn’t really surprise anyone when he came out as homosexual and since then everyone’s been curious about his love life. This week, he finally confirmed he was dating long-suspected partner, Jwan Yousef, when the pair made their first public appearance together.

Castle Season 9: Has Stana Katic Been Fired from the Show?

One of the main cast members of the cult-hit show Castle, rumors are flying that Stana Katic may have been fired from the show following news that the actress wouldn’t be returning for the show’s ninth season. Katic plays Kate Beckett, the wife of titular character Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion).

5 Asian Roles that Hollywood Whitewashed

Since its inception, Hollywood has habitually taken away roles from people of color and given them to white actors, even when the role itself was of a person of color. The latest example of this is Scarlett Johansson cast as Japanese anima character Major Motoko Kusanagi in the highly anticipated film adaptation of Ghost in the Shell. We put together a list of five other Asian roles that were stolen away from people of color.

Donald Trump Makes Shocking Comments about Transgender Bathroom Law

In a surprisingly turn of events, Donald Trump put in his two cents regarding North Carolina’s new anti-LGBT law and it wasn’t what anyone was expecting of the Republican presidential candidate.

Prince’s Net Worth of $250 Million Halts after the Iconic Singer’s Sudden Death!

This week saw the passing of famed and beloved musical icon Prince. With a career spanning 40 years and dozens of albums, songs, and even a movie under his belt, we look at the impressive career of this timeless singer/songwriter and examine how much he really was worth when he died and whether his net worth is now likely to increase or stay stagnant.