Photo Submitted from That Nation

There’s a new rap group on the rise and they’re taking the world by storm! Following their viral success online, artists Desmond “Yung Dezzy-D” Richard and Billy “Lil Bill Swavey” Green are ready to go on tour and share their unique brand of music with the world. Despite their connections and talent, they remain humble and grateful for all they’ve experienced.  

That Nation just wrapped up their first American tour, where they got to share their new music while hoping to open up a few eyes and ears regarding a notable cause; they partnered with Heritage America to help those in need and got to showcase the importance of this cause to their fans. The tour (November 8 to December 3) saw the rap duo visit many stops along the way, including Shreveport Monroe, Jackson MS, New Orleans, Phoenix, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Opelousas, Alexandria, Lake Charles, Houston and Dallas.

Check out our exclusive interview with the Louisiana natives and what they’re working on next!

Q: I know Master P himself reached out to you guys after hearing your first single “Whole Notha.” How was the experience getting to work with him? What did you learn from him?

A: It was a total dream experience and one of the greatest things that ever happened to us! It was an honor to get to work with him, truly a blessing. And we learned a lot, he took his time with us and showed there’s a certain way to work the camera.

Q: Are there any notable artists you guys are currently collaborating with? Or are hoping to collaborate with in the future?

A: At the moment there are a few collaborations but we don’t want to give too much away! There are still some [collaborations] we would like to get done—we like that Louisiana feel. There are legends in Louisiana, and we like to show our city that we can really reach out!

Q: “Whole Notha” really seemed to be the single that put you guys on the map. What was the inspiration behind that song?

A: Like most artists it was personal experiences really that drove us. We express through freestyling the first part and we have been freestyling for years.

Q: “My Whole Life” (your next hit single) reached viral success! What do you think fans were drawn to significantly with this one? It really seemed to resonate with people. 

A: Basically, we were writing diaries. Page for page, our feelings from the good to the bad. We still young and learning a lot. It’s been bittersweet with ups and downs and in terms of music, it takes a while to get there. They [artists] made it—we’re just trying to get to their level.

Q: You guys seem to be sending out a really positive message and vibe, and your lyrics are inspiring. What do you hope for our younger generations to take from your tracks?

A: Take life lessons. Fame isn’t what it seems and there’s still a lot of climbing to do. It does get better and you just have to always stay positive and find the silver lining. It’s important to get support from friends and remember that things do change, no matter what.

Q: Given the current political climate, what do you guys think of Eminem and him rapping about President Donald Trump?

A: Eminem is our favorite rapper and we respect him to the fullest. Entertainers should be giving a platform against injustice and Eminem did it perfectly! Some liked it, and some hated it. But we respect it, coming from being Eminem fans.

Q: Have you been to any cool parties since entering the music business?

A: Yeah, for sure, it’s been crazy! We’re getting a lot of attention from females for sure—females that would never talk to you (laughs). But it’s all been an amazing experience.

Q: Do you get to meet fans or see their reactions to your music?

A: Most definitely, we respond to every comment. We don’t feel that we’re better than anyone. We were one of those individuals, so of course, we appreciate all the love and it makes us feel good.