Julius Dein and Estelle Berglin on November 08, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Joe Maher/Getty Images for Porsche)

About Estelle Berglin
Age27 Years
BirthApril 26, 1997 Umeå, Sweden
SiblingsWilliam Berglin
ParentsJoakim Berglin
JobYoutuber, Influencer, Vlogger
BoyfriendJulius Dein

If you follow Julius Dein on social media, you have probably seen his gorgeous new assistant in recent videos. The street magician is dating a fellow influencer, Estelle Berglin, and she’s now starring in his videos. She’s been on everyone’s radar since Dein doused her in a glass of water during a levitating water trick. Dein’s followers have become fans of the YouTube health guru and are dying to know more about her. Our Estelle Berglin wiki has everything on the stunner dating the street magician.

Estelle Berglin Is from Sweden

Estelle Berglin, born on April 26, 1997, is originally from Umeå, a city in eastern Sweden. Berglin has a Swedish language YouTube channel alongside her English one.


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Berglin is a graduate of Dragonskolan and Bräntbergsskolan, both in Umeå. From 2013 to 2015, she was working in a sales and customer service job before moving on to her influencer career.

Her family is also based in Sweden. Estelle’s little brother, William Berglin, has featured in many of her videos. Her father, Joakim Berglin, works in the Stockholm division of the Texas-based Smart Start, LLC.

Estelle Berglin briefly lived in Phuket, Thailand. According to one of her videos, she did a bartending course there.


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Berglin Is an Influencer and Content Creator

As soon as she finished high school, in 2013, Berglin began her social media career. She has two channels, a self-titled one in Swedish and an English one, Swealife.

Berglin earned an allowance by helping her dad out in his office since she was 14. Using the money she saved up, she traveled and created her early YouTube content.

A vlogger, her channel covers beauty, fashion, health, fitness, and travel. Berglin has over 20.3k subscribers on her eponymous channel and 79.4k on Swealife.

Swealife is popular in her home country, earning her endorsement deals. Her videos have sponsored content and she earns over an estimated $11k annually from that channel alone.

Berglin has also grown popular on Instagram, with over 232k followers, and growing. She has multiple endorsements on her page and earns anything between $680.00 and $1,100 per sponsored post.

Being in the business straight out of high school, Berglin has become an expert in social media marketing. It’s not surprising that she handles the social pages of some Stockholm-based brands.

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Berglin and Dein Were Stranded in Mexico During the Pandemic

Julius Dein and Estelle Berglin became known as a couple earlier this year. As per Dein’s posts, they’ve been together for at least a year.


Dein, a famous street magician from London, is a social media star himself in the magic genre. lately, Berglin has featured in his videos often. Since they began dating, Dein and Berglin’s respective videos have tended to go viral.

The couple was vacationing in Mexico back in February, from where Dein was posting videos of his magic tricks with Berglin. However, when the coronavirus pandemic forced countries to close borders and cancel incoming flights, they were stranded in Mexico longer than they planned, with no way to return to Sweden.

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