A Quick Look at the Erin Andrews Peephole Video Incident

• Erin Andrews legally charged the man, Michael Barrett, who videotaped her nude in multiple hotel rooms and leaked it on the Internet.

• Recently, both Erin and her father, Steven Andrews, fell apart and cried as they spoke of how the whole incident had “ripped her apart,” especially when people started accusing her of putting up a deliberate stunt with the nude video and releasing it online as a gimmick to gain popularity.

• Andrews testified about how the FBI made her watch it in front of agents to be sure it wasn’t all set up by her, and at one point, she reportedly even vomited due to the humiliation.


• Erin recalled phoning her parents after finding out about the video and how she cried as she told her father, “Dad, I’m naked on the Internet!”

• For $75 million in punitive damages, Andrews is suing the owner and operator of the Marriott in Nashville, whose staff allegedly gave the stalker the room next to Erin’s.


There’s another shocking turn that took place in the infamous legal battle of sportscaster Erin Andrews and her $75 million lawsuit against a Nashville Marriott hotel. The latest addition to this lawsuit is that the 37-year-old TV presenter and host had apparently vomited after the FBI guys forced her to watch herself being recorded nude in the peephole video. The clip, which is at the crux of this case, is secretly recorded footage of Erin Andrews undressing in her room at the Nashville Marriott hotel. The FBI agents investigating her case reportedly wanted Erin to watch the peephole video and identify that it was, in fact, her body, in order to ascertain whether or not it was a publicity stunt.

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In the last trial hearing, Erin tried to maintain a straight face while testifying about the 2009 incident, but she burst into tears while reliving her first reaction when she saw her naked video going viral on Internet. Erin started weeping as she went on to testify about how people had started speaking about her putting this video out on the Internet deliberately as a gimmick for quick fame and publicity. She also revealed how the FBI’s investigation was a grueling experience and she felt sick when they made her watch the video over and over. This is the latest turn of events in the Erin Andrews peephole lawsuit, and as per the findings of a tech analyst appointed in the case, Erin Andrews’ viral video has been watched by over 17 million people. Ever since the video went viral in 2009, Erin has suffered irreparable damages and her public reputation has been impacted.

The whole incident happened back in 2008 when Erin was staying at a hotel room in the Nashville Marriott. According to the investigation, an insurance executive Michael David Barrett, then 46, was staying at the Radisson Airport Hotel, which was located next to the Marriott. Barrett had called up the staff servicing Erin’s hotel and asked about her room number, which the staff allegedly shared with this stalker. Barrett went to her room, placed a modified recording camera of his cellphone on the door’s peephole, and recorded what went on inside. The video recorded Erin completely naked and was later released on the Internet in 2009.

When Erin found about the naked video leak, she called for an FBI investigation and they eventually caught Barrett. During the raids at Barrett’s home, the FBI found another peephole video of Erin naked in what looked like a hotel room in a Radisson hotel in Milwaukee. After his arrest, the Barrett paid $5,000 in fines and $7,366 in restitution. Barrett pled guilty and spent three years in prison, only to be released in 2012. His quick release stressed Erin out even more, and she worked with U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar to enact a federal law and a strong anti-stalking policy. This is what helped Erin remove her video from the Internet in 2011. Along with Barrett, Erin had also sued the hotel giants Marriott and Radisson for helping him reach her room. After the Marriott sent a subpoena asking Erin to submit her payroll information, physician letters, and employment deals, the sportscaster’s lawyer filed a motion in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Erin stated that this move from Marriott was done to harass her into withdrawing the charges, and hence in October 2015, Erin filed a $75 million lawsuit against the Nashville Marriott.


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Here’s one more twisted fact put forth by Erin’s opposition, the Nashville Marriott. The Marriott legal team claim that this “Erin Andrews naked peephole video” has actually helped her career and made her more money. The lawyers based these allegations cited Erin’s revised employment deals with ESPN and Fox Sports after 2009, indirectly accusing her of making more money from the incident. The Marriott lawyers are trying to crush Erin’s charges and are asking the court to decline the $75 million as damage compensation. Meanwhile, Erin is trying to cope with these sad turnabouts in the lawsuit and is apparently barely staying composed as the degrading incident is being watched over and over again. With this case becoming a trending topic, the online search of Erin’s peephole video is rising, making it more prone for another viral leak. On top of that, the jury itself asked Erin to leave the courtroom as the jury panel and defendants wanted to watch the video to try and decipher it for themselves.

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