The Bachelor is like a guilty pleasure for a lot of people, including celebrities, who follow the show just to watch the drama unfold. Erin Andrews is one of those people. The Fox Sports correspondent and Dancing with the Stars host was just one of the millions who tuned into The Bachelor premiere last night, which saw Ben Higgins officially begin his search for the perfect match. Not surprisingly, Andrews took to Twitter to document her reaction while watching, which ended up providing even more entertainment for her followers.

Andrews started by professing her love for the show, writing, “Not much makes me happier than #TheBachelor …I mean…these cocktail parties…NOTHING BETTER!!!” She’s, of course, referring to the first cocktail party of the season, where all of the women get to meet each other for the first time. As you can imagine, last night’s Bachelor premiere brought together a lot of unique characters.

In the next coup le tweets, Andrews responded to other Bachelor fans who were also tweeting through the show. For instance, pro dancer Brittany Cherry tweeted about how she wished Andrews could’ve joined her on her tour just so that they could watch last night’s premiere together, to which Andrews replied, “Would [love] that!” A little while later, Andrews tweeted again, this time directly to the star of the show, Ben Higgins: “RUN @benhiggi RUN!! Well, actually keep her a few episodes so we can see more. [sic]” It’s unclear which crazy contestant she’s talking about, although judging by the comments, it might have been Mandi, the dentist from Portland who showed up wearing a giant flower on her head, because, in her words, “I am the first impression rose.”


Unfortunately, Higgins didn’t respond to Erin Andrews’ message; then again, he did have his hands full with 28 women vying for his undivided attention. We can’t wait to see what comes out of The Bachelor season 20!

Image Source: Instagram/erinandrews

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