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One of the top golf players in the world just won big, and his life couldn’t be any better at the moment. The drought is finally over for Rory McIlroy, who just won his first event since 2016! But what about Rory McIlroy’s wife? Who is Erica Stoll? After his recent win at the Arnold Palmer Invitational making headlines, many are wondering if the golf champion has someone to share his glory with.

With the Masters quickly approaching, Rory McIlroy seems to be back on his game is fresh off a huge win! Now, fans of pro golfer Rory McIlroy want to know more about the special woman in his life. Is there even a special woman in his life?

While some celebrity wives like to stay in the spotlight, others enjoy a more quiet life. Not everyone is cut out to be on the red carpet with a famous person, which is why we haven’t heard much about McIlroy’s partner in crime.


If you want to know more about her, then we have just what you need with details from Erica Stoll’s wiki. So, keep reading!

How Did Stoll and McIlroy Meet?

The 28-year-old golfer met Erica Stoll, age 30, while at the 2012 Ryder Cup. Stoll was employed by the PGA of America and helped McIlroy make the tee time for his single’s match.

But wasn’t he once engaged to someone else? He was! McIlroy ended his engagement to tennis-pro, Caroline Wozniacki in 2014. And before we knew it, he was quickly engaged in 2015 to his new fiancée, Stoll. He reportedly popped the question on New Year’s Eve in Paris!

Erica Stoll and Rory McIlroy’s Wedding

Is Rory McIlroy married? Yes, he’s been off the market since April 22, 2017, when Stoll and McIlroy tied the knot at Ashford Castle in Ireland—a castle that was built in the 13th century!

The wedding was reported to cost over a million dollars and had high-profile guests such as Ed Sheeran, One Direction singer Niall Horan, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, billionaires, athletes, and more! There were also reports that Stevie Wonder and Sheeran sang, as well!


Unfortunately, there are no wedding pictures posted online or in print at the moment. It was quite the private affair!


“It was obviously the best weekend of my life and hopefully the best weekend of Erica’s, as well,” McIlroy said to ESPN. “We tried to keep it as private as possible. It was between our friends and families and we didn’t really want anything else. It was a weekend of celebrations.”

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She’s a Private Person

If you’re searching for pictures, then we have bad news as Erica Stoll’s Instagram account is private! But don’t worry, there are other places to look online.


According to The Sun, Stoll’s a private person. She prefers to keep the cameras off her whenever possible.

“She is a low-key person but she brings a level of normality to everything,” McIlroy said to the Daily Mail. “She has a calming presence and that’s not just on me, it is noticeable in any company.

The golfer added, “She has been a great influence on me and has brought such a great balance to my life, between who I am when people see me out in the public eye and who I am at home.”


Stoll may enjoy her quiet life, but we did manage to get a few details about her.

According to The Sun, Stoll is from New York but later lived in Palm Beach Gardens in Florida. She’s a good sailor, loves watching The Bachelor, and loves to bake!

Her Husband Signed with TaylorMade

A while back, McIlroy signed a $100.0 million deal with TaylorMade to use the company’s golf clubs. This is on top of his $200.0 million deal with Nike to wear their clothes as he plays.

McIlroy’s signed to the firm for the next 10 years, which also includes wearing their bags and using their balls. He also has a Nike deal that came with a 10-year extension.

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Rory McIlroy’s Big Win

On Sunday, the four-time major winner won at the Arnold Palmer Invitational, which finally put an end to his winning drought. The Northern Irishman’s last PGA Tour victory was in September 2016, and it’s no wonder he missed the taste of victory!

Rory McIlroy told BBC,“It was awesome to feel the buzz of being somewhere around the lead going into the back nine and reeling off those four birdies in a row.”

“I’ve missed it, I really have missed it, and to play the sort of golf that I played today under that pressure, I’m really proud of myself and just so happy to win,” the pro golfer added.

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