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Eric Bigger‘s hometown date will be seen in The Bachelorette 2017 season 13, episode 8. The competition is tight and he is bringing his A-game. In the next episode, we will see Eric’s hometown of Baltimore and see what his family thinks of Rachel Lindsay. Take a look at Eric Bigger’s Instagram feed learn more about what Reality Steve says about Eric’s journey on The Bachelorette.

Eric Bigger’s hometown date with Rachel Lindsay on The Bachelorette 2017 will definitely show the “bigger” side of Eric. We’ll also (hopefully) see whether or not Rachel can see herself in his home and with his family. As of now, Eric’s position on the show is looking good. He’s always stayed true to Rachel, despite some drama he was a part of earlier in the season. Eric is putting everything he has into winning Rachel’s heart, but she is one calling the shots. If you are rooting for Eric, or just want some spoilers, here’s what you need to know about his fate on The Bachelorette season 13, episode 8.

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Eric Bigger’s Wiki

When it comes to The Bachelorette spoilers, the best place to check out is Reality Steve. According to the blogger, Eric will meet Rachel Lindsay’s family in her hometown of Dallas, after he will be one of three guys to fly off to Spain with the beauty (we’re not revealing who the other two guys are just yet!). But, after coming this far, will Eric make it? His fate has been predicted, and Reality Steve says that he will be eliminated before the finale. This is out of the blue for many, but a few people saw it coming. Though the news is not good for fans of the personal trainer, at least there’s a chance that he’s single! In the meantime, check out some pics from Eric Bigger’s Instagram account!

What if Eric’s our dream?

His aunt’s definitely an inspiration!

Live life “Bigger!”

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Ooh la la! Bicep alert!

Throwback to when Rachel and Eric first met!

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All this drama!

Look at the “Bigger” picture, guys!

Baltimore, here they come!

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