Entourage star Jeremy Piven, 48, has reportedly been dating 31-year-old Australian model Sophie Turner, but his sugar baby has been hiding a dirty little secret—she’s married with a kid. The affair scandal has now been revealed, and in the worst possible way.

Sophie Turner was allegedly arrested back in March 2014 for attacking her secret husband, Gianmichele Gennari, after he confronted her about her illicit relationship with Jeremy Piven. Gennari claimed that he tried to talk to his wife about her “sexually provocative choices,” including her revealing clothing and “flaunting to the paparazzi she’s single and available.”

The fight happened on the same night that Sophie Turner reportedly left her husband at home with their daughter to hook up with Piven at a hotel. In response to his allegations about her affair, Sophie Turner physically attacked her husband, leaving him with several cuts and scratches on his face, arm, and neck. She has since been ordered by the court to stay at least 100 yards from her husband and daughter until the hearing.


Jeremy Piven has been linked to the busty blonde since 2010, and although she maintains that they’re just friends, the pictures of them together say otherwise. The actor hasn’t made any comment on the affair, but this is nothing new for him, because it isn’t the first time he’s been involved in a scandal like this.

In November 2013, the actor was accused of hooking up with a stripper named Sarah Tressler, now 31, who accused him of being “arrogant,” “disappointing” at giving oral sex, and picking up women right in front of her, especially ones who were “taller, blonder, tanner and layered with expertly applied makeup.” Interestingly, that description pretty much describes Sophie Turner.

Back in 2008, Jeremy Piven was involved in another sexual scandal after a report came out claiming that he’d send out a mass text message to women he’d meet saying, “Come [hotel] room—whoever responds first gets me for the night.” He’s also been linked to a string of younger women, including actress January Jones (13-year age difference), model Kelly Brook (14-year age difference), and singer Alexandra Burke (23-year age difference).

As for Jeremy Piven’s latest sugar baby, Sophie Turner’s husband has since filed for divorce, and he wants physical and legal custody of their daughter, allowing Turner to only have monitored visits. He also wants his soon-to-be ex-wife to pay spousal support. It sounds like things are about to get pretty messy for her!

What do you think: Would you date an older man if you knew he was married?



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Photo Credit: s_bukley / Shutterstock.com

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