End of the World 2017 Theories: Will the World End on September 23?

End of Days

Is the world going to end on Saturday? If you have plans this weekend, cancel them, because it’s apparently the end of the world, again! That’s right—some believe that this weekend’s sunny forecast will come with a chance of apocalypse! Many are either mocking the claim or embracing it. Will the world end on September 23 2017? Is September 23 the end of the world? No matter which way you ask it, the question is always the same and people want answers about the end of the world in 2017. 

Is the World Going to End?

It seems like every weekend is the end of the world and we’re all stuck in a CW drama series! No, it’s not the end of the world, this time, so there’s no need to stock your bunkers, quit your job, or act out your own version of the Purge movies. Reports have claimed that more than a few evangelical Christians (both in the U.S and the U.K.) are referring to a scripture in Revelations from the Bible to predict the end of life as we know it. From Mayans to Mormons to maniacs—everyone and their mother has foretold the apocalypse and failed. Remember Y2K back in 2000? It was supposed to be a computer glitch that would kill us all but instead it just morphed into better gadgets that killed social etiquette worldwide.

Signs of the End?

The end of the world has been a long-lived conspiracy and while the world is in fact dying (she’s getting pretty old, people) it definitely won’t be this weekend. While many have blamed the recent end of the world theories on president Donald Trump, many believed that this year’s solar eclipse, rash of hurricanes, and the last two earthquakes (Los Angeles and Mexico) this week are signs that the end is near. Most recently, Christian self-published author of Planet X: The 2017 Arrival, David Meade, believes that we will all be gone by this Saturday. Is Planet X‘s the end of the world prophecy to be taken seriously?

Probably not and even though most people think Trump might be itching to press Earth’s delete key, he hasn’t so far. Climate change can also be considered a factor in the stream of natural disasters that have occurred in just the span of a week, and while some thought of the eclipse as a bad omen, most people just made memes and found safe ways to watch at home. Perception is reality and even Doomsday premonitions can’t escape that. Remember all those Nostradamus predictions? Many believe that it was this Latin philosopher that predicted historic events to happen, like the French Revolution, the rise of Hitler, and the events of 9/11. Many even believe he predicted Trump’s win, referring to him as “the great shameless, audacious bawler.”

Again, end of the world theories should be taken with a grain of salt, otherwise you can get yourself worked up for nothing. If people want to believe that the world is ending, then that’s exactly what they’re going to do. So, don’t cancel your weekend plans because it doesn’t look like the end is near. But if the world is ending this weekend, we will let you know, we promise!



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