Empire Season 2 may have taken a mid-season break, what with the cliffhanger Episode 10, but this has made producers only step up their Episode 11 promotional activities. Be it Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Fox’s official page, Empire Season 2 is everywhere! Episode 10 aired on December 2, with a follow-up Christmas special called “White Hot Holiday” a week later. And this weekend they shared the promo of the upcoming episode again.

Not only that, on Twitter the official account, EmpireFOX, announced, “Attention #Empire fans: “we’ll be giving away swag bags every day this week. Check back Monday-Friday for your chance to win!” A few lucky fans even got a tweetback from the account. One wrote, “Yay! I love you!” to which EmpireFOX replied, “The feelin’ is mutual!”

Another said, “Empire is my favorite show, there’s action, betrayal, fights, hurt, drama. It’s everything I’ve been searching for in a show I love.” EmpireFOX said in response, “We keep it 100! #Empire.” More than one enthusiastic fan from outside America asked if they could enter the competition. Empire has definitely gripped a large part of the world.

What’s more, on Facebook, they released a behind-the-scenes video of singer Serayah recording a new track for the show titled, “Do Something Wit It.” Described as “fun, pop and reggae,” by Serayah, the song will appear in the Deluxe Edition of the official Soundtrack Album produced by Ne-Yo, Timbaland, and J.R. Rotem, as well as Swizz Beatz.

Watch Serayah “Do Something Wit It.”


Posted by Empire on Sunday, December 13, 2015

Fans could not help but compare the young singer to Rihanna in her early days. They wrote, “Every time I listen to her she reminds me of the young Rihanna,” and, “I love her! So pretty! Wish she got more air time!” Ne-Yo who is also seen in the video, directing Serayah received some loving from fans who said, “I wish Neyo could write me a song,” and, “Neyo is so fecking hot [sic].”

Image Source: Instagram/empirefox

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