The cast of Fox’s hit show Empire may have graced our televisions for a special “White Hot Holiday” episode, but that was no consolation for the fact that the midseason finale, i.e. episode 11 of Season 2 was canceled! What’s worse than canceling it, is that it is now scheduled to air on March 30 next year. Talk about blasphemy!

Several fans have even had emotional outbursts on social media. One posted to Twitter, a “mixed-emotion” Kanye West meme to aptly describe her feelings along with the caption, “When you enjoying the #WhiteHotHolidays then remember #Empire don’t come back on till March 2016.”

However, from the teaser trailer that was uploaded to the show’s dedicated YouTube channel, it is clear that the devil is just warming up. This winter is going to be a long one, sans Empire and Game of Thrones. Comments on the video were many, such as, “Can we get like half an episode? 4 months is torture,” and, “Omg, March 30th really?? Anyways Does anyone see cooke with the broomstick in 0:01?? Bout to beat Hakeem the same way she did on the first episode!! LMAO [sic].”

But gather patience as we get into the details of what has happened and may happen. Probably what shocked everyone the most was when Hakeem Lyon decided to remove his father, Lucious (Terrence Howard) from the CEO’s position. However, this emotionally made choice might backfire in the near future. And while Lyon partly avenged Lucious’ crimes, it was bittersweet. Back to Hakeem, there is a good chance that his dad will unleash his dark side in order to get back the empire he loves so much. Even Andre’s (Trai Byers) unborn baby’s fate remains undecided in addition to Camilla (Naomi Campbell) making a major unexpected comeback.

In any case, whatever speculations are made, fans have to wait just under four months to get answers.


Image Source: Instagram/empirefox

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