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The gorgeous Emmaly Lugo is upset that her alleged baby daddy, Larry Fitzgerald, is not taking his responsibilities as a father seriously. Fitzgerald is a wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals who, according to Lugo, is denying responsibility to their baby.

Emmaly Lugo is making news because of her personal life. The adult glamour model is currently on VH1’s Baller Wives. As the show goes on, fans are wondering who Emmaly Lugo’s baby daddy is. People want to know about Emmaly Lugo’s boyfriend. According to sources, Larry Fitzgerald is allegedly Emmaly Lugo’s baby’s father and, according to her, has been neglecting their child. On Baller Wives, Lugo tells another cast member that Fitzgerald has not been taking his responsibilities as a father seriously. She said that someone recently asked him about their child, and Fitzgerald replied that he didn’t know what they were talking about! It looks like a paternity test may be in order!

Not Owning Up

Fitzgerald is a wide receiver in the NFL for the Arizona Cardinals. He played college football at Pittsburgh and earned all-American honors. Fitzgerald is considered to be a star on his team and has won several honors and titles in his football career. Larry Fitzgerald and Emmaly Lugo’s alleged child, Milos, is simply adorable. People are calling out Fitzgerald for not owning up to his alleged son, and acting as if he has nothing to do with him. So far, none of this seems to have an effect on Fitzgerald.

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Beautiful Baby Mama

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Who is Emmaly Lugo dating? Unfortunately, there is no information on her current relationship status. Nor are there details on Emmaly Lugo’s dating timeline, except for her relationship with Larry Fitzgerald, which at this point could also be speculation. Until it is confirmed who the father of her baby actually is, many are pointing fingers at Fitzgerald, though keep in mind he still seems in the dark about it all. Emmaly Lugo’s Instagram account also gives no proof that the two are or were ever together, nor is there any photos of her alleged child with Fitzgerald. What it is full of is pictures of herself in every way, shape, and form; wearing trendy outfits, working on her fitness, and hanging out with her friends. She also includes inspirational quotes on her account, like “Girls don’t give a s**t about looks you know…I’ve seen some gorgeous girls heartbroken over some questionable creatures.” She’s not wrong!