Photo: Frederick M. Brown / Stringer/ Getty Images

The 101 Dalmatians are coming back to the big screen, and with them will be Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil, the evil dog-napping villain!

Stone is an Academy Award-nominated actress who is known just as much for her versatile acting as she is for her changing hair color. In her short career, Stone has already undergone some impressive transformations for the screen with new hair, styles, and performances.

Here’s a look at some Emma Stone movies and the incredible looks and styles she’s shown off along the way. Who knows what changes we’ll see in her acting or hair in 2016!

Gwen Stacy in The Amazing Spider-Man 1 & 2

Stone may have become famous as a redhead, but when she took on the role of iconic comic-book character Gwen Stacy, she went completely blonde. Her almost-platinum blonde look with bangs perfectly matched the comic character. Fun fact: Stone is actually a natural blonde, even though the look was new to many fans!

It wasn’t just her hair that changed, though. Stone’s wardrobe was right out of the comics too, with kitschy prints and pastel blouses that looked both feminine and retro. One of her outfits—a sea foam coat with a white trim—was right out of one of the Spider-Man comic’s most iconic moments.

Sara’s Friend on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Even as a serious actress, Stone isn’t afraid to get goofy. As part of a skit on Jimmy Fallon’s late-night show, Stone showed her sillier side by dressing up as a ditzy teen with a bright blue floral print dress and a lot of makeup. As bold as she looked, she was still overshadowed by Fallon, who wore a wig and pink dress.

Skeeter Phelan in The Help

While Stone started off in comedies, her role in The Help was a big change. As a Mississippi society girl in the 1960s, Stone not only had to take on the Southern look of the character described in the book, but she also had to bring gravitas to a serious period piece about America’s prejudiced past.

Stone adopted strawberry blond curls and a more serious sensibility, walking a fine line between being charming and sensitive. She managed to bring warmth to her look as a high-end, wealthy society girl. This was an important step in her career.

Wichita in Zombieland

It’s the only time Stone has ever had brown hair (until now!), and the only time you might have ever been scared of her too. With a tied-back ponytail, leatherjacket, and a shotgun in her hand, Stone had a hard edge in Zombieland, one of her first roles that got her noticed. Stone’s dour grimace and narrow glance totally sold her as a survivor of a zombie apocalypse. With the recent announcement of a Zombieland 2, we may soon see more of this tougher side of Stone.

Sam Thomson in Birdman

It wasn’t until Birdman that Stone was nominated for an Oscar of her own, and it couldn’t have been for a more different role. As Sam, Stone took on a grungy look, with loose t-shirts, ragged peroxide-bleached hair, and a cigarette never far from her hand. It was a look very far from her role in The Help, but beneath the harsh exterior, Stone had some of the film’s most moving moments. Critics agreed and praised her for an amazing performance.