Former cheerleader Emily Compagno . Credits:Instagram/beautiful_faces_women

About Emily Compagno
Spouse 2017-Present
SiblingsNatalie Compagno, Julietta Compagno Skoog
JobLegal and Sports Business Analyst
AlumniUniversity of Washington, University of San Francisco
Age39 years
TV ShowThe Five Show on Fox News
ContributesSports Radio Shows and Digital Sports Magazines

Former cheerleader Emily Compagno recently appeared on the Fox Business Network to speak about the decision by prosecutors to drop all charges against Empire star Jussie Smollet. This came as a shock after many ridiculed the actor for allegedly staging a fake hate crime and filing a false police report. According to Compagno, the federal investigation is still ongoing, and based on the potential charges, he could face up to 45 years in prison if found guilty. But who is the beautiful brunette? If you want to know more about her, then have a look at some details from our Emily Compagno wiki.

Who Is Emily Compagno?

Emily Compagno celebrates her birthday on November 9 and is believed to be 39 years old now. She was born in Oak Knoll, California and was inclined towards dancing from the age of three.

Compagno finished her undergraduate degree from the University of Washington. She also received a Juris Doctor from the University of San Francisco.

Following her education, Compagno completed an internship for Judge John Noonan of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

She has worked as a volunteer with orphans in Malawi, Zambia, and Uganda.


She Was a Cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders

While Compagno was working as a criminal defense attorney near San Francisco, she joined the Raiderettes, the cheerleading squad for the Oakland Raiders. She later became the squad’s captain.


She served as one of four NFL cheerleaders who got the chance to represent the NFL for the launch of NFL China in Beijing and Shanghai, China. Compagno even visited the troops throughout Iraq and Kuwait, performing on an NFL military tour.

Emily Compagno Is a Lawyer and Sports Reporter

Compagno worked as a civil litigator and later landed a position as a general attorney at the Social Security Administration between 2010 and 2014. She is currently an on-air legal and sports business analyst, as well as a lawyer in private practice.

As an attorney, she has worked as a federal managing attorney, a civil litigator, and a criminal defense attorney.


Additionally, Compagno often appears as a guest commentator on the Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network. She offers sports business and legal analyses for several national networks and local television stations.

When she was working as a reporter, Compagno covered PAC-12 sporting events. She hosts professional sports features and Fanspeak segments, and she’s a contributor to sports magazines.

Currently, Compagno is based in Seattle and the San Francisco Bay Area. She regularly travels to New York City and Los Angeles for work.


She Has Strong Opinions & She’s Informed in Her Arguments

Some may remember her debate with Britt McHenry on Fox News’ Watters’ World in February 2018, when he had them both as guests on the show to discuss an issue McHenry had with the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit editions. McHenry voiced her opinion seemingly in response to professional golfer Paige Spiranac’s sexy 2018 spread, taking to Twitter on February 13, 2018 to say:

It created a bit of a Twitter storm as many had strong opinions from both sides of the argument, especially from Spiranac herself.

Compagno, who has posed for many sexy shoots and calendars like Maxim and SI, challenged her argument and voiced her opinion that it is the woman who gets to decide what makes her feel empowered, and if that’s posing for a sexy bikini photoshoot, then so be it. The two clearly had a difference in opinion when debating the issue, with McHenry clarifying that she has no problem with women who want to feel sexy by taking all their clothes off. But she aimed her issue at Sports Illustrated, who she says decided to capitalize off the #MeToo movement as the swimsuit edition is a huge part of their revenue.

Compagno held her own in the debate, with her stance being that it’s really up to the woman making her own choice autonomously, free of pressure and entirely on her own, which she felt these women have done. (Perfect example, Aly Raisman posing for SI.)

Emily Compagno’s Family

Emily Compagno has two sisters named Natalie Compagno and Julietta Compagno Skoog.

Natalie Compagno has traveled to 85 countries and writes for several international travel publications. She owns Traveler’s Bookcase, which is a famous travel bookstore located in Los Angeles. Her husband, Greg, helps her run it.

She also writes for a blog called My LA Lifestyle, which covers entertainment, art, style and other things.

Emily and Natalie Compagno were featured on the Travel Channel’s Top Secret Swimming Holes in the episode titled, “Spain Splashdown.” The sisters went on a weeklong road trip in Spain looking for top-secret swimming holes and beaches. They trekked through woods and streams, snorkeled in a pool full of melted snow, and hiked through canyons.

Julietta Compagno Skoog is the co-founder of Sproutable, a website focused on supporting parents to raise remarkable kids. She is married to Jon Skoog and the couple has two daughters together, Josephine Harper Skoog and Violet Avery Skoog.

As for Emily, the 39-year-old lawyer got married on September 14, 2017. However, not much is known about Emily Compagno’s husband. The couple has a dog that she enjoys posting pictures of on Twitter.

Although she doesn’t appear to have an Instagram or Facebook account, Emily Compagno is very much active on Twitter. So, head over there and have a look at her posts regarding international news and sports!

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