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Congratulations to Emily Blunt and John Krasinski! The celebrity couple welcomed their second daughter, Violet, into the world two weeks ago but only announced her existence on Monday, July 4th. Unfortunately, information about the new child is scarce—she’s a newborn, after all—so a search of “Emily Blunt daughter” or “Emily Blunt pregnant” will turn up more about their first child, and there is no official Emily Blunt Instagram to search for pics. However, you may still want other information on the couple and conduct related searches to gain insight on the famous pair and their now slightly bigger family. Here’s four facts based on searches you might have been on the cusp of making.

How They Met

A search for “Emily Blunt husband” will of course bring up John Krasinski. The celebrity couple met in 2008 in Los Angeles after Krasinski moved there to play the role of Jim Halpert on the American version of The Office. He credits the show for meeting her since he almost quit acting before he was cast, which would’ve meant he wouldn’t have moved to L.A., and he wouldn’t have met her. And in case you were thinking of searching “Emily Blunt age” to see which of the two is older, it’s him; she’s 33 and he’s 36.

The Two Are Hopelessly in Love

A search for Emily Blunt and John Krasinski’s relationship timeline reveals that they weren’t together very long before getting hitched. They met in 2008, they were engaged in 2009 and they were wed in 2010. However, it came as no surprise to them; Krasinski once told Ellen DeGeneres on her show that it was love at first sight. They’ve continued to show that love over the years in interesting ways, including the many times they’ve been seen laughing together on the red carpet. Krasinski was even caught crashing one of Emily Blunt’s award acceptance speeches just to hug her. Aww!

They Go on Interesting Dates

It’s kind of amazing how great of a relationship Emily Blunt and John Krasinski truly have as a search of “Emily Blunt gun range” would prove—wait, what? Yes, that’s right, the pair have spent a romantic evening shooting firearms together. This was just a random fun thing they decided to do together, it was actually their first date! The idea was Krasinski’s, who said he was so certain she wouldn’t be into him by the end of the night that he picked a gun range for the date. Apparently, he thought he could ruin things right away so neither party felt bad. Boy was he wrong! They now often go on double dates with other famous couples, including hitting up a sushi restaurant with George Clooney and Amal Clooney (nee Alamuddin) and taking a trip to Hawaii with Jimmy Kimmel and Molly McNearney.

They (Now) Have Two Children

While a search of “Emily Blunt children,” “Emily Blunt baby,” or “Emily Blunt kids” won’t turn up much about newborn Violet, it may reveal plenty about the couple’s first child, Hazel. Born in February 2014, the announcement of her birth was made by John Krasinski via Twitter, much like he did for Violet yesterday. They may not be stopping with just those two because, according to Blunt, they are both from big families and they would both be open for more. Granted, they said this after Hazel was born but before Violet was conceived, so two may be enough for them—but the prospect is still there!