Ellie Goulding just gave a paparazzo a taste of his own medicine, and he obviously didn’t like it. The singer shared a video on her Instagram page of her chasing down a male photographer, to get back at him for doing the same to her. The guy obviously doesn’t like it, because all you see in the shaky handheld video is him trying to run away from her with his back turned to the camera the entire time.

In the caption, Goulding wrote, “Just showing this guy following me filming my every move what’s it like and he no likey [sic].” It was an unfortunate turn of events for the paparazzo, but it made for a hilarious social media post. Many of the comments on the video applauded Goulding for taking matters into her own hands and for turning the tables on the annoying photographer.

Just showing this guy following me filming my every move what’s it like and he no likey


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Goulding’s stunt is just another addition to never-ending battle of celebrities versus paparazzi. Just last month, Rosie O’Donnell pulled something similar when she outed a female photographer on Instagram by not only posting a picture of her face, but also one of her car with the license plate clearly visible.

Here are a few more A-list celebrities who have had major run-ins with paparazzi:

  • Alec Baldwin: He’s known for getting into physical fights with pushy paparazzi, usually because they’re trying to snap pictures of his family. It’s actually happened several times and has even resulted in the cops being called.
  • Cara Delevingne: The model has been making headlines in recent days for confronting paparazzi. Delevingne was caught on camera just a couple days ago shoving a photographer out of the way because he was getting a little too close for comfort.
  • Kanye West: Like Alec Baldwin, Kanye West has also had some pretty epic rumbles with the paparazzi. One particular incident in 2013 was so bad that paramedics were actually called after a photographer was attached by West—the rapper tried to wrestle the camera out of his hands, which resulted in the photographer taking a hard fall. He’s also been caught on camera on several occasions lashing out at other paparazzi.

Ellie Goulding, Instagram post, October 9, 2015.


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