Photo: foodphotoalex/Envato

Even though Halloween has come and gone, we can’t help but give you one last taste of the haunted holiday, especially when it’s as hilarious as this! As we all know, Ellen DeGeneres’ Halloween episodes are anything but ordinary and her most recent Halloween adventure was no different.

The Emmy-winning talk show host (dressed as Sia) is known for scaring her guests, even when it’s not Halloween—so you can imagine how hard it is to be her executive producer Andy Lassner! That’s right—Andy Lassner’s haunted house visits are back and we have the video compilation that you need to see. Here is the latest video of Lassner going through Universal Studios’ American Horror Story Maze, with Ariana Grande, along with highlights from past years! Let the hilarity ensue!

Andy Lassner and Ariana Grande

In the first video, we have Andy Lassner and Ariana Grande walking through a gauntlet of demonic creatures and twisted characters. Grande, alongside seasoned haunted house visitor Lassner, kept it casual by wearing jeans, an oversized black hoodie, and her signature pony tail. The pair begin walking and are already looking for the nearest exit, while characters from FX’s American Horror Story pop out at them. At one point Lanner says to Grande: “Is this fun for you? It’s my nightmare.” At another point in the video, Grande is so frightened that she guards her prized pony tail! When an undead creature pops out of the bed, Lassner quips: “Get the f—k in bed!” Once the haunted maze was over Grande said: “Somewhere in there, is my heart.”

Andy Lassner and Eric Stonestreet

In a previous year, we see Lassner and Modern Family star, Eric Stonestreet walking through another haunted house. Before they go in, Lassner tells the audience that he is about to humiliate himself, this time with a friend, to which Stonestreet replied: “Okay, we’re not friends. We’re mild acquaintances at best, and I’ll do my best to protect you.” Stonestreet was getting more scared as he got deeper into the haunted house, enduring hanging bloody limbs, and axe murderers. It may have been scary for him, but it was great entertainment for us! “It’s like a choir of zombies,” screamed Stonestreet. The Modern Family actor was even caught pushing Lassner and couldn’t wait to get out of there! Once the maze was over, an army of flesh-eating zombies followed Lassner and Stonestreet outside and pursued them until they reached a safe distance. (Looks like even the exit wasn’t safe for them!)

Andy Lassner and Jacqueline

A week before his haunted house visit with Grande, Lassner entered a haunted house with his assistant Jacqueline, who happened to be wearing an “Ellen” hoodie. The haunted maze was set up with scenes from The Exorcist, head twisting creepy little girl, priest and all! The location was at Universal Studios, called Horror Night Exorcist Maze and since Lassner was an expert at this point, he decided to give his unsuspecting assistant a few pointers. “Look for the feet, sometimes you can tell from the feet. Just know it’s coming and it’s not scary,” said Lassner. But even Lassner’s sound advice couldn’t calm the storm of horror that was coming from his soon-to-be-ex-assistant’s mouth! At one point, Lassner told Jacqueline to go first, since he’s an executive producer. Sounds like employees at The Ellen DeGeneres Show take that chain of command thing seriously! In the end, Jacqueline stated she was sweating through her “Ellen” hoodie! She may need a few personal days!

Andy Lassner and Amy

In this video (from 2013), we see DeGeneres send in Lassner and show writer, Amy, through yet another haunted house. FYI: This was Lassner’s first haunted house and probably the funniest! At this time, Amy was the one who usually went in by herself, but DeGeneres thought it was a good idea to surprise Lassner this time, with what is now a popular spoof on the show every Halloween. Universal Studios’ Halloween Horror Night never disappoints when it comes to the gore and mayhem that is involved with Halloween. Here we see where Lassner adopted his signature move of using people as human shields—what a guy!