Back in 2010, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres joined Randy Jackson, Kara DioGuardi, and Simon Cowell as judge for season nine of American Idol, something she says she gravely regrets doing.

It didn’t come as much of a surprise to many that this music show was not DeGeneres’ thing and as such, she hung around for only one season, because it “didn’t feel like the right fit” for her. Now in retrospect, the talk show host admits that she flat-out hated the experience.

In a recent radio interview with host Howard Stern, 57-year-old DeGeneres likened her stint on American Idol to being “one of the worst decisions” she’s ever made, when asked whether she really hated judging the show.


When she was pressed on why she joined the reality show in the first place, DeGeneres said she did not care about knowing correct pitch or anything else about music. For her, it was a chance to represent everyone at home watching. But DeGeneres couldn’t go ahead with breaking people’s hearts as a judge. “Let somebody else do that,” said the star.

Former judge Mariah Carey seconded DeGeneres’ sentiments earlier this year, dubbing the show fake and boring and added that judging American Idol was “the worst experience of [her] life.”

Not surprisingly, American Idol will come to an end after 16 seasons, heralding the series finale in 2016.

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