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Ellen DeGeneres seems to play a huge role in Adam Levine’s life—the celebrity host invited the The Voice judge to her The Ellen DeGeneres Show (Ellen) to tell the story of how she helped him pick his baby’s name! Levine’s daughter, who is now six-weeks-old, was named Dusty Rose just like (to Levine’s surprise) the color. “The name game is a tough game. It’s a very hard, arduous [game]. Imagine you’re writing the best song you’ve ever written in your life and you have to name it.” By the sounds from the audience, Dusty Rose sounds like the perfect name, and the happy parents sure appreciate it! Ellen DeGeneres is not just a great source for baby name; she’s also an exceptional host and a terrific comedian! Ellen DeGeneres’ net worth is sky-high and fans simply love her! Here are some interesting facts about her.

How much is Ellen DeGeneres Worth?

As of November 2016, Ellen DeGeneres’ salary is listed at $220,000 daily! The 58-year-old comedian has been performing stand up since the early 1980s, but is mostly known for her talk show, Ellen. Her reported net worth is $345.0 million with an annual salary of $75.0 million, according toEllen DeGeneres’ Forbes net worth page. According to the following chart breaks down the host and comedian’s earnings. Check it out:

Net Worth $345 million
Annual Salary $75.0 million
Taxes $128 million
Expenses $22.0 million
Earnings from Ellen $76.0 million
Endorsements (American Express, CoverGirl, etc.) $75.0 million
Acting, Producing, Business Deals, etc. $65 million
Investments $20 million

Ellen DeGeneres bought and renovated almost 12 homes in the last 25 years! In 2004, she spent $3.98 million on a mansion in Los Angeles called the “Brody House.” The star loves designing and when she was younger wanted to be an interior decorator. Her passion led her to write a book about house flipping!

She Wasn’t Always Rich

Did you know that DeGeneres used to sell vacuum cleaners? When she was a young adult, she held a variety of jobs that included bartending, paralegal, saleswoman, waitress and—believe it or not—an oyster shucker! reports that she began performing comedy skits when she was 23 at a local coffee shop. In 1986, she made her big break when a booking agent saw her at an improve show in Hollywood. DeGeneres later appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and Good Morning, America.

She’s A Film Actress with Many Award Wins & Nominations

Aside from her role as the host of Ellen, the actress has appeared in several movie roles such as Mr. Wrong (1996), EDtv (1999), The Love Letter (1999), and was the voice of the beloved character Dory from Finding Nemo (2003) and Finding Dory (2016).  DeGeneres has won about 70 awards and was nominated for 136! These awards include several Emmys, Golden Globes, Grammys, People’s Choice, Producers Guild of America Awards, Screen Actors Guild Awards, Teen Choice, and many more. Her awards and nominations were for her exceptional work as a talk show host, outstanding lead actress in comedy series, performance, best actress, best comedy, favorite funny female star, and others. Here’s the full list of her movie roles:

Release Year Movie Title
1990 Arduous Moon
1991 Wisecracks
1993 Coneheads
1994 Trevor
1996 Mr. Wrong
1998 Goodbye Letter
1998 Dr. Dolittle (Voice)
1999 EDtv
1999 The Love Letter
2003 Finding Nemo (Voice)
2003 Exploring the Reef (Voice)
2003 Pauly Shore is Dead
2004 My Short Film
2014 Unity (Narrator)
2016 Finding Dory (Voice)

Facts about Her Early Years

Born January 26, 1958, Ellen DeGeneres grew up in Metairie, Louisiana. Her parents are Betty and Elliot Everett DeGeneres, who separated in 1973. Ellen has a brother, Vance, who is a musician and producer. Her mother later married Roy Gruessendorf, a salesman, and Ellen lived with them while her brother, Vance, stayed with their father. Ellen majored in Communication Studies at the University of New Orleans, but left after one semester to do clerical work in a law firm with Laura Gillen, her cousin. She worked several humble jobs and says she often jokes about her childhood and career experiences in her comedies.