The always loveable Ellen DeGeneres gave out some sound, much-needed advice to her fellow Americans in a short video that’s been going viral.

With the current presidential campaigns in full swing and Trump looking like less of a joke and more of a serious contender for president of the United States, many Americans have started threatening to move up to the Great White North in the sad event that Trump is elected leader of the free world.

But Canada has something to say about that, as Ellen and her viewers found out when she called about the very real and not at all made up Guy LeBlueBlah of the equally not-made-up Real Canadian Bureau of Immigration to comment on the potential northward migration.


“Because of Canada’s clean air, friendly nature, good food, and super hot non-bananas prime minister, many Americans have expressed interest in moving here,” LeBlueBlah says in the video. “Well to that, we Canadians say no. Leave us the f*ck out of it.”

Ellen then follows the video up with some excellent advice: “You know what’s easier than moving to Canada? Voting.”

Check out the full video below and let us know if you agree with Ellen or not!

Credit: YouTube/TheEllenShow


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