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Von Miller had no idea that a pleasure-filled vacation in Mexico would turn into a nightmare. His sex romp with Cuban model Elizabeth Ruiz was filmed by her, and now she wants $2.5 million to return it. Miller just wants the tape to disappear and has now sought refuge in court.

Elizabeth Ruiz does not want to just “kiss and tell.” Ruiz wants to kiss and sell. But really, this is no joking matter, especially for poor Von Miller. Miller has gone to court to stop Ruiz from selling a show-all sex tape which features Miller and Ruiz getting down to business in Mexico in June 2016. Elizabeth Ruiz and Von Miller spent time in Cancun, Mexico, where both were vacationing. One look at Ruiz, and you can’t blame Miller for being all over her. The woman is smoking hot! Check out Elizabeth Ruiz pics on the Internet. Who is Elizabeth Ruiz? We will tell you all we know about the model who has Miller all hot and bothered —but not in a good way!

Good Times in Mexico

At the center of this court drama is the Von Miller tape that Ruiz wants to sell to Miller for $2.5 million. The Denver Broncos star reportedly rented an 11,500 sq foot beachfront luxurious house for him, Ruiz, and their travel companions. The group had the time of their lives riding jet skiing, lounging by the pool, and parasailing. To add to the fun, Miller and Ruiz spent some time indoors, away from the group. Miller has said that he knew Ruiz was filming their sex romp on her mobile phone but requested to keep the tape private. Later on, he asked Ruiz to delete the tape, to which he says she replied “Gotcha!”

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Court Steps In

Reports say that Ruiz tried to sell this sex tape to TMZ and a “sex tape broker,” but the deal did not work out. That’s when Ruiz supposedly asked Miller to cough up $2.5 million for getting the tape back. Terrified of what the release of the tape would do to his reputation, Miller filed a petition in front of a Los Angeles judge requesting the law to bar her from “selling or commercially exploiting the tape.” The judge has issued a temporary restraining order to Ruiz so that she cannot make copies, release or distribute this tape in question.

Who is Elizabeth Ruiz?

People are very curious to know Elizabeth Ruiz’ bio after news of this sex tape scandal has spread. Ruiz is from Sagua la Grande, Cuba, but grew up in Miami, USA. She is an aspiring model, and actress, who has been living in Los Angeles since 2014. At one point she even worked at a Hooters. Ruiz has also appeared in music videos of artists like Snoop Dogg, Nicki Minaj, and Trey Songz. When asked in an interview about her greatest achievement, this is what Ruiz said, “I’ve had many accomplishments i.e., coming to this country, graduating, building myself as a model through all the work I have done but my greatest accomplishments will be when I make it to the big screen!”

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Nightmare Come True

Check out Elizabeth Ruiz’s Instagram and Elizabeth Ruiz’s Snapchat for more pictures of the Cuban cutie. Miller sure got more than he bargained for. He is now trying to salvage his reputation while Ruiz has the all-important tape with her. At this point, no one knows what is going to happen. One thing is certain. Miller is spending sleepless nights wondering how what was supposed to be a relaxing vacation turned into his biggest nightmare.